HCX+ Network Extension

Assuming you enabled the Network Extension Service when you created the Site Pair, you should now be able to extend one or more networks. This will allow you to migrate VMs from one site to another without worrying about having to change their network configuration or manually configuring any new networking infrastructure at the destination site.

Navigate to Site Pairs > View Details > Mesh Configuration and click the Advanced View link under Network Extension Service to view the health of the Network Extension service between the two sites.

To extend a specific network, or networks, from one site to another, navigate to Services Network Extensions.

Click the Extend Network(s) button.

Choose the Source and Destination sites.

Click the Next button.

Click on the vSphere Networks or NSX Networks tabs to see available networks to be extended. Since only the nsx-overlay-transport zone was included in the Network Extension, only NSX-backed segments are available to be extended.

I’m extending the four networks that are in use by a three-tier app running in the Sofia site.

Click the Next button.

You must choose a T1 logical router that exists at the destination (Cork in this example) site and provide the gateway address for each network being extended.

Click the Next button.

If you need to make changes to the services configured for the extended networks, click the Advanced Mode toggle at the top of the page (this toggle had no effect on any pages until this one).

You can see that you are now able to configure options for all Network Extensions or individual ones as necessary. I chose to enable Mobility Optimized Networking (MON) for all.

Click the Next button when ready to proceed.

You can expand each network to be extended to see details on it’s Network Extension configuration.

Click the Finish button.

You should see progress for each extended network. You can also expand each network here to see more details.

You can also follow the progress in the HSM UI from the Services Network Extension page.

In a short while, you should see segments related to the network extension showing up at the Cloud site (Cork in this example) in the NSX Manager UI. These segments will all be named with an L2E_ prefix.

These same network segments should also be visible in the vSphere Client.

Eventually, you should see all extended networks in a Healthy state.

The same can be seen in the HSM UI.

And on the Site Pairs > View Details > Mesh Configuration page, you will see that there are four networks extended.

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