HCX+ Site Manager Onboarding

In my previous post, HCX+ Site Manager Deployment, we walked through through the process of downloading and deploying the Connector and Cloud OVA files that would become the HSM Connector and Cloud VMs. In this post, we’ll complete the process of onboarding these HSMs to HCX+.

Back at https://hcxplus.vmware.com, you should have been left at the Onboard Site page prior to downloading and deploying the Connector and Cloud OVA files.

Enter a Site Name and Passphrase for the first HSM to be onboarded.

Click the Generate Manifest button.

Click the Copy Manifest button.

Back in the UI for the Connector HSM, navigate to the HCX+ page and paste in the manifest and type the passphrase that was set earlier.

Click the Register with HCX+ button.

Note the banner at the top that states that the site is manager by HCX+.

If you go back to admin UI for the HSM and navigate to the Configuration > Licensing page, you will see that there is now an HCX license present.

Back in the HCX+ UI, you should see that this site has been onboarded.

Click the View Details link to see more information about this site.

You can repeat the previous steps to onboard the Cloud site at this point. I named the Cloud site Denver for this example.

Drilling down into the Denver site, you can see that it is configured differently than the Palo Alto site.

You can continue onboarding more sites if desired.

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