Having a great time, as always!


Internet Love: Ours is a modern love story... We met via Match.com an Internet dating service, but Internet dating was NOT my first choice. Our story begins with my former roommate from college and fellow journalist. At the time, she was working in the PR department of Match.com and was harassing me every other week to join. I finally agreed and went on eight blind dates that went absolutely nowhere before I decided to give up. But after the September 11 tragedy, I felt sad, alone and in need of comfort so I re-instated my account on Match.com... and there he was. (The first man I dated...after the first round of course.) I was hesitant at first. He had a shaved head, was covered with tattoos and has a collection of medieval weapons (more than a little intimidating)! Not to mention, he's a computer geek! But, I quickly learned that he is a thinker, an adventurer and an animal lover, plus he has a heart of gold. It wasn't long before I trusted him and not much longer before I loved him. So, here we are (not even a year later) planning our wedding (with Emily as the Maid of Honor& of course)!




Their engagement was announced on June 21, 2002.


A Greek Engagement: He had been traveling across eastern Europe for three weeks and the plan was for me to meet up with him for his last week of traveling...in Greece. So I arrived in Athens on June 21st (little did I know he was planning to ask me to marry him that very night!) After walking around the amazing streets of Athens, we finally settled on eating at a beautiful courtyard cafe (I could happily live off of spanikopita!) He was going to propose there (I found out later...) but a couple sat down next to us and started smoking and ruined the mood! Then we went to a roof top café to watch the sunset. The view was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect... but it was really crowded with tables, people and waiters, so again, no proposal. So he waited to propose to me in the middle of a busy street filled with tourists, shops and mopeds! He told me to close my eyes and hold out my hand... but I refused! I thought he was going to play a joke on me and put a rubber spider in my hand! He put the ring in the palm of my hand and I thought it was a fake ring that he bought from a street vendor! But then he told me it was real and said that he really missed me while he was traveling and couldn't imagine living without me. So of course, I said YES (after five minutes of stunned silence)!

The Arrival of the Ring: The best part of the story is how the ring got to Greece! He paid to have it insured and shipped to the hotel in Athens by UPS. They said no problem..... but then decided they couldn't ship jewelry valued over $500... so they shipped it back and left it sitting on his front porch with a description of the contents. Meanwhile he was in Turkey! He found out based on tracking the shipping number and e-mailed a friend from Bodrum, Turkey, but couldn't reach her. He did get in touch with another friend who then called the first every half hour until he got in touch with her. She left work early to rescue the ring. Then, they both came up with a clever scheme...shec alled me at work (the day I left for Greece) telling me her little sister was traveling with friends in Greece and that she wanted to get a birthday present to her. To avoid the cost of shipping she wondered if I could bring it to Greece with me. So she gave me a large box with Happy Birthday wrapping paper and I brought my own engagement ring to Greece in my frame backpack! I had no idea!!!

Their wedding date is set for July 5, 2003. Their wedding will take place at Wild Lane Bed and Breakfast in Loveland, CO. Their reception will be held at Wild Lane Bed and Breakfast.