Horseback Riding With The Boys

We started out at Rocky Mountain Joe's cafe in Boulder for breakfast.  Sadly, Rocky Mountain Joe's is no longer in business.
From left to right (and back to front):  Scott, Chuck, Chris, Jeremy, Johnny, Markus, Cary, David and Anders.
Killing some time before heading into the mountains.
Looking pretty touch before heading out.
We probably spent a good 30 minutes just getting on the horses and figuring out how to make them go.
The scenery and weather were both beautiful.
One of our guides rode bareback...very impressive.
Chuck didn't look nearly so happy when his horse stumbled and threw him.
Can you believe it?  A picture of Jeremy smiling!
Lucky for us, there was a bridge across this river.
We were all fairly well covered in this dust by the end of the ride.
And another 30 minutes getting off the horses.
I'm not looking so good there.
We had lunch and a few drinks at the restaurant next to the stables.
Anders showing off his fine tan he got the day before.
The results of Chuck's tumble from his horse.