Nina's Bachelorette Party

July 3, 2003



Nina and some girlfriends took the town of Boulder by storm, to celebrate Nina's last night as a single woman. Her sisters showed up with T-shirts, which read "I went to Nina's Bachelorette Party and all I got was this shitty T-shirt." As if the poor quality, see-through shirts didn't draw enough attention, we decided to make them a LOT more interesting and sexy and hacked them apart with scissors, creating backless shirts, fringe bottoms, halter and strapless tops and bare mid-drifts!
Nina and her little sister Juliette at the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in downtown Boulder.
Nina's sister Bethany and her "Swedish Twin" Malin enjoy their penis whistles!
Juliette and Nina giggle about the penis straw.... one of the many "scandalous" gifts Nina received (and opened in public) that night! In addition, she received a wide variety of lingerie, edible panties and various "lotions."
Nina and "The Girls." (Nina, Malin, Bethany, Juliette, Emily and Kathy).
Jean joined the girls for this fun picture! What an awesome night!
Nina and her wonderful sisters, Bethany and Juliette.
Nina loves this candid photo of her and her little sister!
Blow that penis whistle Emily! Blow!!!!!!
Seriously, could we look more like twins!!!???
Nina was given many "tasks" that evening, including sitting on an older gentleman's lap! In addition, she had to find a virgin, acquire a condom, take a survey of the best honeymoon sexual positions, say the line, "hey baby, what's your sign?', get a spanking, get free drinks and use the words "like" and "whatever" 10 times each in a conversation. Her sisters are VERY creative!
Nina enjoying one of her gifts.... her very own pair of "fundees," to be worn by two people at the same time.... Interesting!
Nina enjoys her drink via penis straw!
Hmmmmmm.... I wonder what Jean is pointing at!? Later, she was quoted saying, "Where's my penis? I don't think mine works!" (We can only assume she was referring to her penis whistle....).
Ah how cute! Jean, Emily and Bethany pose for the camera.
Nina performs one of her more difficult chores of the evening, serenading a table of innocent people having dinner at the Rio Grande to the tune of Madonna's "Like a Virgin!" She also had to take a walk down the "aisle" of the restaurant humming the wedding march!
Later that evening.... The girls headed to The Foundry's rooftop bar, where Nina (and her under age sister Bethany) had tequila shots sucked out of their belly buttons.
Here's the culprit, sorry I didn't catch his name!
Bethany, Malin, Susan and Kathy enjoying their penis whistles. At one point in the evening, Malin was heard asking," Hey, who took my penis whistle, that's mine!"
Marcus, our very, very drunk Swedish friend, kissed several people that night, including the future bride on numerous occasions!
Nina completes one of her easier and more enjoyable tasks... getting kissed by two men at the same time! Marcus and the waiter were very obliging.
Meanwhile, "the boys" (all wearing black) were at Old Chicago's pizza restaurant and bar,. where Chris' ankle was attached to this bowling ball, with Nina's name on it. The boys were busy getting over 100 random girls to kiss Chris' "ball." Nina enjoyed playing the dominatrix by swinging "the ball" between her legs!