Chris' Bachelor Party

The letter that Chuck (the best man) sent to all of the guys:

Hey Everyone,


This is important:

The Theme of the night will be “Dead man walking” ( From the movie “The Green Mile”). Chris is being executed and removed from the ranks of swinging bachelors!

So: Everyone MUST wear a BLACK shirt (with as little extra color as humanly possible). We are his mourners/executioners.

We have a Ball-and-chain. This consists of a 15 lb bowling ball, eye hook, 6 feet of thick chain and a “bracelet” that is normally wrapped around the ankle to perform certain types of leg lifts.

So remember: BLACK shirt – Dead Man Walking…



Somebody kept notes and many pictures were taken.  There were about 110 women that were drunk enough to kiss the bowling ball that Chris dragged around with him all night.



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