Day 5

This has to be the most elusive volcano ever.  About 30 seconds before I took this picture there were no clouds around it. 

The first of many suspension bridges we would cross on the hanging bridges tour.

This was the highest bridge...about 300 feet up.  Not that scary.


Our guide, Santos, put my digital camera up to his binoculars and got this great picture of a Toucan.

Finally, the clouds cleared for longer than one minute around the top of the volcano and I was able to get some good shots of it.

For some reason, the clouds left the volcano all night and we were able to get some incredible pictures of the lava coming out.  It did this all night long and we were just unable to see it the other nights we were there.

We met Alejandro and Cecilia at the Tabacon spa earlier in the day and decided to have dinner at an Italian place down the road.

This is the owner of the restaurant and his son.  He wouldn't let us order what we wanted as we had no taste and brought us strange drinks.  The food was some of the best Italian we've ever had so I guess he knows what he's doing.