Day 4

The town of La Fortuna, about 15 minutes by car from the Tabacon resort.

This Macaw was a pet of the horseback riding guide.

Horseback riding in Costa Rica was nothing like in the US.  The guide was rarely anywhere near us and the horses would run at a full gallop whenever they felt like it.  We went up and down many very steep embankments and through lots of water.  It was a blast!

It's impossible to see it but the Tabacon resort is off in the distance.

The cow that tried to take out my horse.

We got pretty close to the volcano.  We could see smoke coming out of the side vents and hear lots of rumbling.

Another area where we took the horses through some water.

The guide's pet spider monkey.  I felt kind of sorry for this guy being tied up to the tree all day.