Day 11

The bedroom on the second level.

The view from the almost 360 degree deck outside our bedroom.

The Finca Rosa Blanca had it's own orchards and coffee plantation.  Needless to say, the food was the best we had on our trip.

Part of the deck outside our room.

The town of Sarchi is famous for creating the elaborately painted ox-carts that they use in festivals.  We went to one of the places where they make them and actually bought a small one that serves as a liquor cabinet.

The pool at the Finca Rosa Blanca.

The exterior of the Finca Rosa Blanca.

This is the best view of the B&B.  That's our bedroom up on top at the far right.

Everything from the second floor up was ours for two nights.  It was by far the best place either of us had ever stayed.

Making mimosas before dinner.

The sunsets were always beautiful in Costa Rica (when it wasn't raining).

The city of San Jose off in the distance.