Day 10

Just a lot of random pictures of our bungalow.  It was incredibly nice even though it didn't have air-conditioning and we had to do a nightly bug search.

Our bed had this mosquito net over it that really trapped in body heat well.  Nina wouldn't sleep without it for fear of insects and other creatures.

Our gigantic wrap-around deck.

The main lodge where we spent time socializing, eating, and drinking every evening.

The Gulfo Dulce as seen from our airplane.  These planes were very tiny but had gigantic windows.  They stayed pretty low to the ground so we got to see a lot of the country.

Over the countryside of Costa Rica.

This was is the tub in our bathroom at the Finca Rosa Blanca B&B.  It was big enough for two, or three, and the water came in from a waterfall on the left.

The staircase leading up to the bedroom in our suite.

The living room in our suite.

More of the bathroom in our room.

The view of the interior of the B&B from just outside our room.

A kitchen to die for.

The dining room where all of the guests meet to have meals together.  We were the only people there the first night so we had the whole staff waiting on us and this giant table all to ourselves.

The lunch they threw together for us on short notice.

In the hot tub.

In our bath tub.