Day 1

A very small part of what must be the largest banana plantation in the world on the bus ride to Tortuguero.

Our trip to Tortuguero took a little over six hours.  Four hours were spent on a bus and then two hours were spent on river boats heading down a canal.  I later found out that we had only traveled 57 miles during that time.

This shows the canal and then the Caribbean Sea in the distance.

This little guy is called a cayman.  They look like baby alligators and don't get over about three feet in length.  We saw a lot of them.

A pink spoonbill.  We thought that they were flamingos until we got closer.

The boat stopped after an hour so people could get something to eat or drink and use the bathroom.

We're all geared up for the zip line canopy tour near Tortuguero.

Away she goes!!!

There were quite a few of these bridges connecting the trees together.

Our tour guide, Ronnie, bought us this giant Pina Colada in a pineapple since it was our honeymoon.