Colonial Williamsburg


While visiting Chris' grandmother, Marian, in Virginia Beach, we took a short trip up to Colonial Williamsburg.

Chris had been there as a child and Nina was always curious about the "outdoor museum."

Getting ready for the tour of the governor's palace, home to seven royal governors including Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.
The entryway to the governor's palace is filled with antique rifles and muskets.
We're talking about a serious amount of artillery.
Plus, the weapons were decoratively arranged!
Pretty, but violent...
An office in the governor's palace.
The young ladies' room.
A beautiful tiled fireplace and sitting room.
The living room has a beautiful fireplace and copper plated decorative walls.
The long, narrow ballroom, where this woman was playing the spinet piano.
One seriously old heater.
A view of the governor's palace from the garden.
A canal running through the governor's gardens.
The palace kitchen is located in a separate building.
A complete view of the governor's palace.
The palace green stretches in front of the governor's palace.
This man in period costume walks a cart pulled by oxen. Those are some seriously large oxen!
We're pretty sure this is the John Blair house. Several homes of the original residents of Williamsburg have been restored and/or recreated.
The market square now sells bonnets, soap, honey, toy muskets and hoop skirts!
The magazine held a cache of arms and ammunition since the French and Indian war.
The Bruton Parish Church.
The colonial garden and nursery had mostly herbs and dried flower arrangements.
The lovely red brick capital building.
We saw a show of the locals making complaints against the governor and the state officials.
The "governor" and the "officials" address the angry crowd.
The inner courtyard of the capital.
Chris enters a cell at the public gaol (jail).
A woman in period costume leaves the capital building.
This windmill on North England Street can pivot around on it's base to change directions completely.
Chris and his grandmother Marian get ready to chow down on seafood at Croakers Restaurant.
Ahhhhh... don't they look cute together!?


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