Southern Maryland


Chris, Nina and Chris' dad George attended the Ghost Tour at the Sotterley Plantation.
It wasn't particularly scary, but interesting and fun. We walked around the plantation property, stopping throughout to listen to costumed volunteers tell the history of the plantation. Kids and teens enjoyed their role of hiding in the bushes and moaning and shrieking when tours walked by.
Next, we visited St. Mary's City, the original capital of Maryland.
This is a replica of the Dove, one of the two boats (the Arc and the Dove) that brought Maryland's first settlers.
A closer view of the Dove replica.
Views of the St. Mary's River.
The simple architectural design of the first buildings in St. Mary's City.
The church is being renovated.
Chris' sister Jennafer stands in front of some native dwellings.
We drove all the way to the Saint Clement's Island Museum, but it was closed!
Chicago had painted cows, Santa Fe had painted horses and Maryland has painted Egrets...
We took a nice walk along the pier.
A view of the Potomac River.
Chris is right at home on the water.
We dropped by the St. Mary's Historical Society Museum in the old jail, but it was closed too!!!
We also visited the lovely St. Andrews Church. You guessed it, it was closed too. Aren't church doors to remain open at all times to shelter the lost, sick and poor?
While our drive throughout St. Mary's County was lovely, it was nice to finally find a tourist attraction that was open!
We successfully visited and greatly enjoyed the Drum Point Lighthouse and the Calvert Marine Museum.
We watched the otters Bubbles and Squeak for awhile....
until it was time for them to go to bed.
Nina simply loves lighthouses. She didn't really see a lot growing up in New Mexico!
The inside of the lighthouse was incredible.
It was a regular, comfortable, highly functional, home in the middle of the water!
It was absolutely charming!
Nina always thought lighthouse keepers led a lonely existence, but this lighthouse hosted a family and was really cozy.
Chris checks out the boats along the Patuxent River.
No matter how hard Nina tries, she can never remember the names and locations of the many rivers throughout Maryland.
The beautiful wrap around balcony.
The attic bedroom.
This machine sounded the bell.


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