Maryland Renaissance Faire


Chris and Jeremy wait eagerly for The Pyrates Royale to take the stage!
Jenny, Chris, Jeremy and Chuck looking their best in their Renaissance Faire costumes!
Having a laugh at the faire.... 

Wow, Jenny! That's some serious cleavage!

Johnny, Chris and Nina enjoy a group huge.
Scott was obsessed with a brunette singer in the group Medieval Babes. Basically, the band consisted of a bunch of scantily clad women, who gyrated about but couldn't sing worth a damn! We're not really sure what he was going on about...
The manly men.... Johnny, Jeremy, Chuck and Chris.
The girls show off their cleavage! (Jenny and her sister, Christina and Nina). Now, that's some serious boobs! We think Christina wins!!
Jenny's sister was well into her cups and goes in for a boob lick!
Jenny's sister's boyfriend was feeling randy and does some licking himself!
Scott caused a major scene, when he blew his horn in the middle of a music performance!
The sound of Scott's horn could be heard throughout the faire!!
Johnny Law! Dude, those are some seriously girlie sunglasses...
Nina had heard tons of stories about The Pyrates Royale and couldn't wait to finally hear them perform live. Unfortunately, most of the original band members have left and sadly their performance seriously sucked! We're pretty sure the blonde was very high!
At least the main bald guy and the brunette girl are still there...
Chris and Jeremy enjoyed singing along and cat calling!
Oh The Pyrates Royale, what happened to you!?
Oh now that's cute! Jeremy, Chris and Chuck, the best of buddies.
Now, the O'Danny Girls seriously rocked!
They sang some delightfully naughty, raucous material. They were great fun!
"I am the mighty Chuck, ruler of all that I see!"


Actually, Chuck got called upon by the O'Danny Girls to "perform."

The O'Danny Girls sang a very funny song about a moose (once you #%@*&+ a moose, you never go back). During the song, a large number of the audience held up moose stuffed animals and wore moose antler headbands!
The O'Danny Girls were a riot!
Ahhhh... Jenny and her inebriated sister!
Everyone hanging out at the White Heart Pub.
Jenny made me take a photo of her with this beautifully costumed he/she?
Chris and Chuck, best friends for life!
Chris and Nina having a snuggle.
Chuck and Jeremy looking at something interesting....
Nina, about to loose one of the twins!


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