The Oyster Festival

St. Mary's County, Maryland


Chris' sister Jennafer gets ready for the first round of fried oysters.
Chris is in heaven! He planned this entire trip around the Oyster Festival.
The boy loves fried oysters!!
Chris and Jennafer chow down on fried oysters, while Nina hunts down some chicken. Sacrilege!
Chris and Nina checked out the petting zoo. Could that baby goat be more cute?
Seriously, world's smallest horse!
Hello, Donkey!
It's simply not a country fair without a John Deere display!
Nina (who grew up in a land-locked state) had no idea that oysters could get that big!
People watching at the Oyster Festival.
A packed audience, including this giant Great Dane, watched the oyster shucking contest.
This national oyster shucking contest was a pretty big deal. (There was even an "oyster hoochie").
First, was the amateur round, which included a few kids.
And they're off.... it was pretty exciting!
And the winner is..... this guy!
We simply loved the woman in the pink rubber gloves. She was talking on her cell phone immediately before and after the contest and brought her cell phone on stage and hid it inside a pink stuffed mouse. The woman was obsessed with that phone!
As much as we loved and rooted for "pink gloves," this guy won.
The Oyster King, complete with an oyster staff, presented the awards. The winner went to an international oyster shucking competition in Ireland.
The winners of the various divisions...
Yippee, a plaque!
This game was totally rigged! Even though Nina kicked Chris' butt, his pig riding a motorcycle got to the end first.
Goodbye, Oyster Festival, it's been fun!


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