Vivian.jpg (38910 bytes)

Here we have a picture of Chris dressed up as Vivian from The Young Ones last Halloween.

Barbecue.jpg (32728 bytes)

This is not a Halloween picture but it is still quite a scary picture of Chris lighting the Barbecue grill at Virginia Tech.

decorating1.JPG (109566 bytes)

Scott is hard at work hanging the streamers long before the party started.

tinman2.JPG (43501 bytes)

Here we find Scott as he realized that his mobility is greatly reduced as a result of his costume.

chris&scott1.JPG (44400 bytes)

The Tin Man's mighty armor is no match for the might of an escaped convict fighting for his life.

chris&lea1.JPG (37387 bytes)

The lovely Lea risks her life to pose for a picture with Chris.

guiness man.JPG (46558 bytes)

The ever popular Guinness Man (AKA Chuck) made an extended appearance, despite the two kegs of Killians.

cary2.JPG (43553 bytes)

There's no telling exactly what Cary was supposed to be, but it was certainly frightening.


crowd1.JPG (35361 bytes)

A crowd of people congregating around the food (even the vacuum cleaner couldn't clean up the mess around this table the next day).

scott&sarah.JPG (51184 bytes)

Dorothy (Sarah) has finally found her Tin Man.

johhnny1.JPG (41327 bytes)

Johnny is reliving his experience as the masked killer from the night before.

mark&jen.JPG (44251 bytes)

Jenn and Mark have that look of contentment upon their faces since finding the keg.

anita&uday.JPG (34067 bytes)

Anita cops a feel as Uday stands helplessly by.

chrisleajeremy.JPG (40256 bytes)

Noticing that Chris has lost the vitality that he had earlier, a swarthy pirate (Jeremy) offers Chris some liquid nourishment.

chuckaliciatodd.JPG (35723 bytes)

Chuck and Alicia are hoping that Todd doesn't turn around to reveal the reason his costume makes him a   "butt pirate".

crowd2.JPG (47189 bytes)

This group appears to have taken over the candy pail for a better part of the evening.

mark&irene.JPG (43542 bytes)

Irene attempts to learn from Mark the finer points to the art of face painting.

russ&jeremey.JPG (33596 bytes)

Fooled by Jeremy's girlish figure, Russ tries to convince him to come back to his place.

jeremeysword.JPG (33441 bytes)

In a bloodthirsty rage, Jeremy charges out of the house to slaughter the pumpkins who had been eyeing his wife earlier in the evening.

chris1.JPG (31483 bytes)

Chris is looking a little haggard as the wee hours of the morning approach.

fountain.JPG (42669 bytes)

This very creepy fountain ran out of blood towards the end of the evening.