Day Eight: A Relaxing day at Playas Del Coco and Playa Hermosa beaches.


Chris and Nina got up early and took a stroll along the beach at Playas Del Coco.

Playas del Coco is not the prettiest nor the cleanest beach due to all the fishing and boating in the area. But it afforded a great central location, cheap accommodations and fun night life. We simply jumped in our rental car each morning and “beach hopped.”

Nina pauses for a photo amongst the black rocks at Playas del Coco.

The Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, where we stayed, is where the locals vacation. The Manuel Antonio region further south is full of luxury, all inclusive resorts and is swarming with honeymooners and retirees. Nina sat next to an older woman on the plane who stayed in one of these luxury resorts, and when asked, she had no idea what town, region or beach she stayed at!!

The northern end of the beach is much nicer.

Ahhhh.... what a charming photo of row boats under a bright colored tree!?

This boxer had a field day running back and forth at top speeds through the water.

Not a bad place to spend an afternoon....

Playas del Coco is really quite lovely, but pales in comparison to it's northern neighbor Playa Hermosa.

After our early morning stroll, we had a great breakfast at our hotel, which serves free coffee all day, much to Kathy's delight. Then, we spent the morning shopping and exploring Playas del Coco.

Playas del Coco is a pretty typical little beach town with hundreds of souvenir shops selling bikinis, sarongs, sunglasses and other touristy stuff.

We had several drinks at a bar right on the beach at the end of this road...

Chris and Kathy peruse the souvenirs.

This is a little tourist souvenir haven.

We spent our afternoon camped out in front of the El Velero Hotel on the beach at Playa Hermosa just 20 minutes up the road. Even though we weren't hotel guests, we were able to partake of the hotel's lawn chairs, swimming pool, cold shower, secure parking lot, variety of shade options, bar that serves right on the beach and restaurant. We really scored!

Playa Hermosa was our favorite beach and we spent our first and last beach days here. However, there was an “incident.” Chris and Nina were playing in the waves together and a huge wave knocked them over. Unfortunately for Nina, Chris was behind her at the time and got thrown on top of her. He kicked her in the back and she smashed her head into the sand. Burning salt water filled Nina's throat, nose and ears and her boobs fell out of her bikini for the entire beach to see. We had to go to a local pharmacy for horrible tasting throat spray and Nina had salt water pouring from her nose and salt water crust in her eyes for days.

Ahhhhh... the memories....

This guy was selling very tempting snow cones, but it's probably best not to drink too much local water, although we all drank our fair share of frozen piña coladas.

The view from Nina's beach chair.

We made the very poor choice of dinning that night at Coconutz, so that Nina could have more of her beloved nachos. We had to endure extremely obnoxious, rude, loud and drunk American tourists and their terrible attempts at dirty dancing. However, we commiserated with the adjoining table of “cool” American tourists from Washington and made some new friends (Chris, Jay and Gwen), who also “appreciated” the entertainment!

The drunk Americans attempting to dance to the horrible live music (a man and a keyboard butchering Cat Stevens!). One of the women had a very obvious boob job that was hanging by a thread from her very small, bright pink, bikini (fortunately for you, she is NOT in this picture)!

That evening we hung out at the little dive bar on the beach at Playas del Coco. Chris and Kathy drink their first Imperials of the night...

Some local Ticos pondering the meaning of life...?  It was very, very dark out, hence the grainy picture.

Low and behold, who should show up, but our friends from Coconutz, Chris and Jay! We hung out with these cool guys the rest of the night. Chris used to be in the Peace Corps outside Monteverde. He drank the other local beer Pilsen, which tastes a bit sweet, so we gave him crap for being girlie, but he fired back that it has a higher alcohol content! Someone has done his homework!

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