Day Five: Morning of Kayaking on Lake Arenal and Afternoon at the Tabacon Hot Springs.


We spent several hours kayaking around Lake Arenal with our wonderful guide Edgar.

And we're off.... At first, Nina wanted her own kayak but by the end of the day she was very thankful to be sharing a kayak with Chris. For a lake, there were surprisingly high and strong waves. It was work!

Views of the Arenal Volcano from a kayak.


What a beautiful silhouette!

We rode our kayaks out to this island for a pineapple and watermelon break.

Edgar, our fearless leader. We think he's perfect for Nina's little sister Juliette.

Oops, traffic jam!

Some nice jungle foliage...

From the kayak's perspective...We saw howler monkeys, kingfishers, egrets and a sloth. Edgar says that vultures are the Costa Rican air force (seeing as how the country has no military).

Ahhhh... isn't he cute?

On the ride back, we came across a very curious coatimundi (a Costa Rican cross between a raccoon and a ant eater!)



We spent a glorious, relaxing afternoon at the Tabacon Hot Springs. The Tabacon was one of our favorite destinations during our honeymoon five years earlier.

Chris was very happy to be back at the Tabacon! We saw two beautiful, green iguanas with light blue spots and striped tails. We named the big one “Iggy” and the small one “Pop”. Plus, we got to see a flock of toucans.

Chris gets dunked. He met a guy from Sweden named Magnus who married a Tica girl he met while studying in the states. After seven years of living in Northern Sweden, she convinced him to move to Costa Rica. Even though she speaks some Swedish and he knows Spanish, they mainly communicate in English. What a “melting pot” world!

Nina talked to a Korean guy, helped an Israeli woman open her locker and kept a woman from South Carolina from going over a waterfall. Her husband grabbed her food and Nina grabbed a hand and they hauled her back over the falls (she was a bit tipsy...).

Chris and Nina stop to snuggle in the warm river.

The Tabacon makes an incredible drink called the Costa Rican Delight, made of guaro (local alcohol), coffee liquor, bananas and milk. Awesome! They also make something called a B.B.C., made from Baily's Irish Cream, coconut cream and bananas. Nina loves any drink with bananas. Chris and Kathy had shots of Don Julio tequila!

We spent a lot of time and had a lot of fun at this swim up bar!

What a bunch of goof balls!

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