Day Ten: A Wonderful Day at Playa Hermosa and a Quest for the Fiesta Queen.


For our last day at the beach, before heading across the border to Nicaragua, we chose to return to Playa Hermosa and camp out, once again, in front of Hotel Velero.

Today, Nina took a long walk amongst the black rocks on the edge of the water.

The rocks have created numerous tide pools, miniature rivers and caves.



All sorts of shells, though mostly oyster, were embedded in the rocks.

In the tide pools, Nina saw tiny fish and hundreds of hermit crabs.



Nina sat for awhile and watched the water rushing up over the rocks (but not too long, she was a bit worried about a hermit crab pinching her bum).


This boy, fishing on the end of the rocks, didn't seem to concerned about hermit crabs pinching his bum (and there were a LOT of hermit crabs living in the rocks).


You can walk for miles along the rocks, from Playa Hermosa, to beaches further north. Nina enjoyed sitting in the edge of the water and letting the tides pull at her until she made a big hole and realized her bikini bottom was full of black sand. She had to walk back to the hotel shower looking like she made a giant poo!

Someone had some fun playing hopscotch on the beach!

Unlike in Mexico, where people walked the beach selling their wares and harassing people, relatively few merchants walked the beaches in Costa Rica. We only saw a man selling snow cones, a man selling fresh dixie cups of ceviche and this woman selling local pottery.

This iguana strolled by our lawn chairs, then headed toward the hotel restaurant.

Kathy enjoyed photographing these designs and swirls in the sand.


Chris relaxes on his lawn chair with a turban.

Don't we look like the typical “beach” couple? Nina in her bikini and sarong and Chris in his Hawaiian shirt....

Don't forget Chris' Hawaiian swim trunks too!

Chris and Nina stand in front of the beach access entrance to Hotel Velero, where we spent an awful lot of our time... drinking fruit smoothies, lounging in lawn chairs, reading and soaking up the sun.

The Hotel Coco Palms, where we stayed for four nights, was far from glamorous, but it had a great central location, a 24-hour market, a nice bar and restaurant, a lovely pool and the surrounding town of Playas del Coco had good night life.

This park is located directly in front of the Hotel Coco Palms and we got to enjoy watching local kids play soccer.

We saw all sorts of transport options in Central America... ox carts, mules, horses, mopeds, bicycles, tops of heads... We saw men riding bikes, with women sitting side saddle on the cross bar and babies sitting on the handle bars!


This just might be the cheesiest bar and restaurant in all of Playas del Coco (and there's several contenders). The restaurant shaped like a ship has waitresses dressed in skimpy, sexy, pirate costumes!

The Fiesta de Playas del Coco was supposed to start the last day that we were staying at the beach, but it got off to a late start.

Sadly, all we got to see was the fiesta being set up. We searched all over for the rumored coronation dance of the Fiesta Queen, but never found it. Central American fiestas are far from organized.

On the way back to town, we saw the chefs at the Pirate restaurant taking a bit of a break.

That night, Chris and Kathy ate seafood again and Nina stuck with vegetable pasta at Papagayo's Seafood and Steak House.

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