Day One: Arriving in Costa Rica, Picking up the Rental Car and Staying the night in Belen.


Nina stands in front of our hotel for our first night in Costa Rica. The hotel, El Rodeo County Inn, was located in Belen, a sub-burb of San José. It was one of the nicest hotels we stayed at and it was sadly only for a few hours! We simply ate, slept and visited the local super market for supplies (water, juice, snacks, and peanut butter, for Kathy, of course!). The super markets in Costa Rica have wonderful, exotic names like “Mega Super,” “Super Mini,” “Jumbo” and just plain “Super”.

We referred to this hotel as “the compound.” It was huge! It had several buildings of rooms, a pool, a tennis court and several restaurants. Also, this luxurious hotel was located behind high walls and protected by security guards and was surrounded by a rather “sketchy barrio.” As beautiful as the hotel was... we could hear dogs barking, techo music and car alarms all night long!

This was definitely the largest room that the three of us shared. The beds were so thick and high off the ground, we all thought we were living within the story of “The Princess and the Pea.” Nina loved the calla lily head boards!

This bathroom was as large as several of our other hotel rooms, it even had a phone! Nina actually slept on the floor of this bathroom, due to the loudness of the barking dogs, techno music, car alarms and Chris' snoring!

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