This is Drottningholm Palace.  It is just north of Stockholm and it is where the King lives.



Another view of the Drottningholm Palace.



Behind Drottningholm Palace are many gardens.  This is a view down one of the paths through the gardens.



This is a slightly off-canter picture of some of the shrubberies in the palace gardens.  Some of the bushes are grown so that they form mazes, a la The Shining.



Bob Fletcher and I standing in front of the Chinese Pavilion.  This building is located on the Drottningholm Palace grounds.  It was a gift from one of the kings of Sweden to his wife.



After visiting the Drottningholm Palace, Bob, Anna and I traveled north to Uppsala.  Uppsala is the home to one of Sweden’s largest universities, as well as this cathedral.  I could very well be mistaken, but I believe that the cathedral was built in the late 12th century.



Bob and Anna stand in front of one of the entrances to the cathedral.



I couldn’t get far enough away to get a picture of the entire cathedral without getting VERY far away.  This one and the next show the entire structure as seen from the front.



The top.



A view of one of the many stained glass windows within the cathedral.



Somebody’s tomb.



These columns rise up to form arches over 100’ high.



This is a great view of the ceiling of the cathedral.



This was on top of a crypt for a king and queen.  Notice that the cherub on the right is holding a skull.  Cool.



Another crypt.



A picture within the cathedral that I found interesting.



And another crypt.



These are some of the cannons mounted outside the Uppsala castle.



This one is hard to make out but it’s a bell.  You can see part of the Uppsala castle in the background.  Yes, it resembles a giant red-brick building.



Another view from the Uppsala castle.  I think that I was more interested with everything around the castle than the actual castle itself.



The cannons again and the cathedral in the distance.




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