Washington DC

I love the "row" houses. D.C. has some beautiful architecture! We ate at a great Greek restaurant (Zorba's Cafe).


Chris & Nina being goofy on the mall.


Chris and I artfully arranged in front of the capitol building.


The Lincoln Memorial from across the pond.


We were in Washington D.C. just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival.


Nina with her best friend from childhood, Megan, who lives in D.C. now.


Catching up while ridding a paddle boat around the lake.


The Washington Monument


A close up of the Lincoln Memorial from a paddle boat.


It's hard to get a good close up from the back seat of a paddle boat!


Don't we look cute in bright orange?


True love under the cherry blossoms.....


Riding up the escalators out of the mouth of the D.C. subway system.