Liberty Island, Ellis Island, China Town

Waiting in line a very, very long time for the ferry to Liberty and Ellis Island.


A very cool monument to fisherman.


Hauntingly beautiful....


And we're off..... A view of the NYC skyline from the back of the ferry...


It's not the Brooklyn Bridge, so what is it? (the Verrazano bridge, Chris says)


First peak at Ellis Island.... awe inspiring!


Our lovely Statue of Liberty.


Pretty imposing.... and green!


You can never take too many photos of the NYC skyline... right?


But wait.... there's more!


Don't we look cute and cold!


Awe... how sweet!


Ellis Island was truly fascinating!


The entrance and waiting room.


After several hours of touring the museum, we were very happy to find this park bench!


The dormitories


I thought the seagull looked cool...


The front doors to Ellis Island.


Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 49


Welcome to China Town


Nina had lots of fun shopping..... little Chinese soaps make the perfect souvenir gifts!


Little Italy... isn't it obvious? It's amazing how quickly the sections of NYC change.