Macy's, Central Park, Spamalot

No trip to New York City is complete without shopping at the infamous Macy's Department Store. Although, having to buy luggage after a wheel popped off our duffle bag, is not the shopping I had in mind.


The lovely Empire State Building. I was surprised how dwarfed it looks since it is surrounded by other buildings.


Grand Central Station


From the inside, it pretty much looks like any other train station, except for the awesome chandeliers.


Rockefeller Square during ice skating season.


Central Park, one of my favorite photos from the trip in front of the Bethesda Fountain. Nina is wearing her new $10 hat she bought from a street vendor.


The highlight of Central Park for Nina was watching a roller skating club practice amazing moves to disco music, including the moon walk.


So much for a romantic boat ride.....


Nina looked forward to lunch on the water at the romantic Loeb Boathouse but it was packed, therefore lunch was eaten on a park bench.


I wouldn't want to go down there once the sun goes down!!


A lovely picture in front of the mirror pool. No toy boats today.


Another of Nina's favorite spots... Alice and Wonderland.


Nina insisted on joining the kids for a photo op.


The charming Belvedere Castle offered great views of the NYC skyline.


The NYC skyline taken from Central Park.


What a beautiful place to take a walk! Even in the dead of winter!


Strawberry Fields Forever!!


In memory of John Lennon


The Central Park Carousel


Wow! Times Square! Pictures simply can't describe the energy and excitement that is Times Square!


It's not easy to get a photo on Times Square!


The awesomest Broadway show ever!!! It's a killa bunny!! Tis only a flesh wound!!


Simply amazing!


So much fun!