Santa Fe


Chris and Juliette enjoy the show!. After the Pet Parade, we walked downtown to the Plaza to check out the many food and artisan booths. During Fiestas, booths sell roasted corn, Navajo tacos, funnel cake and fresh juices. Juliette had a watermelon juice while Nina chose strawberry lemonade. (Normally, Nina gets a Horchata, a sweet milk drink with lots of cinnamon, but sometimes it can get too sweet). Notice Juliette's awesome Zia symbol earrings made from Santa Fe Brewing Company bottle caps.

The Fiesta Court was posing for photos on the plaza and later the mariachi band began to play.

This year's Don Diego de Vargas, followed by the Fiesta Court, as they parade through the plaza and throughout downtown Santa Fe.


While walking home from the Plaza, we stopped to admire some gigantic sculptures and Juliette took a nap on the trunk of an elephant.

Chris and Nina pose in front of the baby elephant sculpture.

Juliette attempts to steal the crow's pomegranate.

Juliette and Nina pose in front of a giant sleeping bull.

Chris makes fun of Juliette as she gets bitten by a crow!

The McGee family traditional Christmas breakfast of biscuits and “stickies” in September. This year we are spending Christmas in Maryland with Chris' family, so we celebrated Christmas in September with Nina's family. Every Christmas, the McGees eat biscuits and stickies (cinnamon rolls), play board games and stay in their pajamas all day!

Christmas '08 family photo in September!

Followed by the Christmas '08 “gag” photo, of course!