Pet Parade


When not attending the various festivities surrounding Fiestas or gorging ourselves on Mexican food, we spent a lot of quality time with Nina's family hanging out and playing board games. We played Munchkins with Nina's little sisters Bethany and Juliette and Bethany's boyfriend Zak. After the game dragged on for more than an hour... Juliette, who had never played Munchkins before, won the game... technically twice!

Ahhhh... The annual Santa Fe Pet Parade. There's nothing else quite like it! You know it's officially starting when the ROTC brings out the New Mexico state flag with it's famous Zia symbol.

Officially referred to as the Desfiles de los Niños, all the locals simply call it the Pet Parade, where kids dress up like and/or show off their pets.

A jungle safari float complete with a fake boa constrictor.

One of many local families that dressed up as the characters from the Wizard of Oz.

Every year, Zozobra gets many admirers. This guy was pretty good!

A Santa Fe spin on Oompha Loomphas, complete with Mexican woven belts and Crocs!

Locals love to make fun of Santa Fe tourists... the women dripping from head to toe in Native American turquoise jewelry and concha belts.

The cute kids always steal the show with little to no effort!! Chris wants to return to Santa Fe next year and enter our dogs into the Pet Parade with cowboy hats and saddles.

With out fail, every year, there's a group of adults that dress up in hula skirts and leis and think they're cool. At least this guy carried around his fish bowl!

Ahhhhh... Corgies dressed as lady bugs! Gotta love it! (In the background, are the students from Carlos Gilbert Elementary, Nina's old elementary school. Go Blackhawks!)

Here we have the “Surf's Ruff” Crew with their surfboards in the middle of the desert!


Here's one of Nina's favorite entries: Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead.

Three families walked the parade together as Dia de los Muertos de Aragon, de Sanchez and de Smith.

They're wearing traditional Day of the Dead masks, skeleton suits and Mexican style clothing and have decorated with traditional, colorful, paper flowers and beautiful paper cut signs. Even the dogs have skeleton costumes!


Que Viva Dia de los Muertos!! These guys are even carrying a casket!


How cute!! A little farmer with his bunnies and chickens in a wagon.

Los Pirates de Chihuahua (Mexico, we presume. However, there are an inordinate amount of Chihuahua dogs running around Santa Fe. It could go either way on this one!). One of many spoofs on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Wouldn't have been nearly as funny without the “Look What Gustav Blew In” sign.



Every year, the Pet Parade has at least one entry in honor of the traditional Fiesta Court, complete with a miniature Fiesta Queen, Fiesta Princesses and a little Don Diego of course! Love the tinfoil hat!

Snow White and her Dwarves... There's a patient and loving daddy for you!

Yet another homage to Zozobra, complete with a decorated Chihuahua.

A parade entry in honor of Mexican food... awesome! Complete with a little fat kid in a “Gordita” costume!

The Tortilla Gang, including a Reina and Rey de Tortilla.

The Fiesta Queen of Wood Gormley Elementary School.

You can't have an event in Santa Fe without a Mariachi Band!

A Zozobra float complete with Gloomies and a Fire Dancer.

Yet another Wizard of Oz family. This one has the perfect Toto!!

Little Miss Muffet innocently eats her curds and whey while being followed by a spider.

The “Wasting Away In Dogaritaville” float, followed by one very well behaved Lab.

The “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” float followed closely by “The Nightmare Who Stole Christmas.”


Nina's absolute favorite parade entry... “Baby Zozobra.” Underneath, the awesome Zozobra costume is a little baby boy in a baby carrier wearing a fuzzy green hat with big Zozobra ears. Mom walked in front with a sign that read, “Too Cute to Burn!”

Chris' favorite entry is simple but wonderful... a brindle colored Mastiff dressed as a lion.