Day Four: The North Beach Festival, Shopping in Japantown, An Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Café and the show Tony and Tina's Wedding.

We spent some time wandering through art booths at the North Beach Festival.

Nina was in heaven (Chris not so much). Nina has been to a lot of arts festivals and the North Beach Festival was one of the best. The people of San Francisco appear much more creative and colorful than most.

Art festivals aren't exactly Chris' thing!! His favorite part was petting dogs at the Adopt a Greyhound booth.

Nina bought a bright pink shirt with koi fish screen printed on it and a funky ring made out of a scrap piece of Asian porcelain. She bought Chris a support Obama button.

This beautiful church sits in front of Washington Square and made for a great photo!

The beer tent, food booths and concert stage were set up in Washington Park just in front of this beautiful church. Nina finds this photo funny...The beautiful rose window and twin steeples framed by corn dog, calamari and french fry signs!

Unfortunately, we were a bit too early for the sidewalk chalk art displays.


Japantown has a completely different feel from the bustling, colorful, craziness of Chinatown. The Japantown shopping district consists of several attached, in-door, malls with gourmet restaurants and upscale boutiques.

The ritzy malls are decorated with several fountains, trees and flowers.

The Isobune Sushi Restaurant features small boats carrying sushi along a waterway that is inset in a unique, oval-shaped sushi bar. While the décor was fantastic, neither of us like sushi, so we opted for tempura!

The flagship of the Japantown shopping district is this Peace Pagoda.

The interior of the Japantown malls was truly lovely, however, the exterior of the malls is so dark and foreboding we almost didn't enter! We failed to enter the mall via the Peace Pagoda and somehow entered the mall from a street level, dirty, parking garage. We were stunned when the elevator doors opened to this!

When in San Francisco, one must have an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista Café, a San Francisco original. The bar tender filled each glass with two sugar cubes, then dumped coffee over them, then swirled the coffee and sugar together, then added a liberal amount of whiskey, then topped them off with heavy cream. They were truly delicious (much better than the ones we had at our hotel bar!)

For our last night in San Francisco, we saw the show “Tony and Tina's Wedding” at an Italian restaurant on Pier 39. Basically, we were “wedding crashers” at a loud, obnoxious, stereotypical, Italian wedding in New Jersey!

What's an Italian wedding without a pregnant bridesmaid?

Ah how cute!? A group shot of the bridal party throwing the finger!

One of the groomsmen wearing a lovely Cadillac symbol around his neck... classy! We sat with a great couple from Manchester, England. Nigel and Michelle just celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary by having a second wedding in Las Vegas with Elvis. (Neither of them looked a day over 40!!!).

The groom's mother and sister (a Catholic nun of course!).

The night involved some serious dancing to 70s and 80s hits like “YMCA” and “Like a Virgin,” as well as, a full play list from Frank Sinatra.

How often do you get to see a Catholic nun doing the limbo!?

For some strange reason, light sabers and an homage to Star Wars was part of the celebrations (possibly something to do with the bride's gay brother...).

Quiet possibly, the highlight of the evening, was when a bridesmaid serenaded the bride and groom with a song by Bon Jovi, complete with head banging. It was hysterical.

Next, the bride and her bridesmaids performed another song, by Bon Jovi of course!

Several actors posed as fellow wedding guests. This one, drunk, rather friendly, “guest” in particular raised a lot of attention.

She spent a lot of time dancing on the bar and making out with her older “sugar daddy.”

You can't have a cheesy, over the top, Italian, New Jersey wedding without the bunny hop!


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