Day Five: Breakfast Buffet at the Garden Court and Massages at the Kabuki Springs and Spa

This is the corner of The Palace Hotel where we stayed. The hotel was built in 1875. It survived the 1906 earthquake, only to later be enveloped by flames. It was fully renovated in the late 80s.

Our hotel room was lovely and comfortable with really, really tall ceilings. Great place to stay, but not so great food or drinks.

The Palace Hotel is best known for its Garden Court restaurant, which features a glass ceiling and ornate crystal chandeliers. The Sunday brunch is featured in all the guide books (but costs a small fortune).

While the décor was lovely and romantic, the buffet was a bit lacking. There were a lot of sweets (blitzes, sweet breads, coffee cakes, muffins, etc.), but not enough eggs and meats (and the coffee was terrible!). Sadly, not worth the price tag!

The beautiful, historic, entryway to The Palace Hotel. We spent our last day relaxing at the Kubuki Springs and Spa in Japantown. Nina enjoyed the bath house and had a Shiatsu massage, while Chris enjoyed an exotic Thai Yoga massage.

Chicago has painted cows, Santa Fe has painted horses, Maryland has painted Egrets and San Francisco has these painted hearts. This heart statute stands in front of Union Square, where we came to see a Latin music performance that was a bust. We ended up wandering the streets of San Francisco, cold and tired, killing time until our flight. We had a great time, but due to San Francisco's cold, damp, windy weather, we both returned home sick.


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