June 30th, 2005

We drove to Baltimore in the morning and hung out at the inner harbor.  We went to the aquarium (no pictures) and on the USS Constitution.

    The USS Constellation is permanently moored in the inner harbor in

       Baltimore.  It was built in 1854 for the purpose of hunting down slave

          traders in the mid-Atlantic area.

    Nina taking a break under the shade of one of the foresails.
    Chris was wishing he could actually fire one of the many cannons onboard.
     Some of the larger 30 pound cannons were capable of hitting a target at

             a range of over four miles!

We stopped in Annapolis for several hours on the way home.

       Nina LOVED Annapolis (but kept calling it A "nah" polis).
    First order of business.... milkshakes!!!!
     Corner buildings are so COOL!!!
   We had a great time simply strolling around the harbor and window

    shopping. Nina went on a quest for a stuffed blue crab and we both bought

        black lab T-shirts. We stopped for grub in a historic pub.

    Simply adorable!!!!