June 29th, 2005

Virginia Beach.  It was raining.

   We stayed the night in Virginia Beach with Chris' grandmother Marian.

              Unfortunately, our early morning excursion to the beach was

                                             rained out.


    (The morning wasn't a complete loss... we bought 6 boxes of salt water

                 taffy for $5 bucks!!!)

Ingleside Winery was on the way to southern Maryland.

    On our way to Chris' parents house in southern Maryland, we stopped at

                     the Ingleside Plantation Winery for a tour and a couple of sips

                                        of wine (of course).

     Nina poses with some grapevines.
  Nina chose the Blue Crab Blush (because of the cute crab design on the label...

                 (again, she grew up in the desert and finds all seaside related things