June 28th, 2005

A few pictures from our lodge before we left in the morning.

      The Big Meadows Lodge (where we had a lovely dinner of sweet

                   potato fries and boysenberry cobbler).

      A view from the wrap around patio (complete with rocking chairs).
    On the drive through Shenandoah National Park, we passed dozens of tiny

                    deer, a marmot and a turkey buzzard.

Maymont House in Richmond, VA

   The gatehouse and the stone barn (one time home of the staff, horses and

                          farm equipment).

     The carriage house complete with four horse drawn carriages.
   The Maymont House, former home of Major and Mrs. Dooley.
   Nina LOVES old homes and anything antique and therefore loved the tour

          of this beautiful home built in 1893.

                "The Three Graces" sculpture
     The tour of the mansion included a museum dedicated to the domestic work

                       and lives of the serving staff at Maymont House.

       The grounds of the Dooley estate have been turned into a home for wild

        animals and a children's petting zoo.

    We got to see a real live bear brawl!!
  The estate features a Japanese and an Italian designed garden. This photo

   shows the waterfall in the Japanese garden.

     Ahhhhhh..... the tranquility!
    Chris on the bridge over the goldfish pond.
   A lovely stepping stone pathway through the goldfish pond.
   The elaborate fountain in the Italian garden.
   According to Nina, this looks just like the La Cascade fountain in Bois de

       Bologne park in Paris, France.

                                    The rose garden.