June 27th, 2005

This first block of pictures were taken in the morning as we walked around Virginia Tech.

                Burress Hall.  One of the main buildings at Virginia Tech.
        The Duck Pond.
               The wooden fence along the way to Smithfield Plantation.  It was

   on the Virginia Tech campus so we walked over to it.

    This is the Smithfield Plantation house where three of Virginia's

           governors lived.

     A small guest house on the grounds of the Smithfield Plantation.
       The side entrances to the main house.
        Another view of the small guest house.
    Seitz Hall...where Chris had most of his Agricultural Engineering classes.
            Room 103 in Seitz hall.  Chris had quite a few classes in this small,

                    depressing room.

   Another shot of Burress Hall from across the drill field.
   One of the newer buildings on campus, Torgeson Hall, as seen from campus.
   Another view of the drill field.  During the normal school year it gets really

      crowded with students trying to relax and stay out of class.

    The War Memorial Chapel at one end of the drill field.
    The drill field once again.  We walked around it for a while.
    A parting view of the chapel in the distance as we left Virginia Tech and


On our way out to Shenandoah we stopped at Mountain Lake, where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed.

      Here is the main lodge and the front lawn (where "Baby" practiced dancing

      the bunny hop).

      We rented a canoe and cruised around the lake.
       Nina can not paddle AT ALL (it's not her fault... she grew up in the desert)
    A view of the lodge from the lake...
    A lovely place to sit and ponder the meaning of life....
   Some interesting rock formations.
    A very lucky person's lakefront home!
   A view of the lodge, boathouse, lawn, gift shop and staff cabins (one time  

                      home of Patrick Swayze). Nina bought out the gift shop's  

                              selection of locally made jams and jellies).          


               A close up of the rock...
    By the end, Nina STILL couldn't paddle (well maybe if sharks lived in lakes...

                       she could paddle)

               More scenery...
           A lovely view of the Virginian countryside.

Right before our hotel in Shenandoah we stopped at Luray Caverns.

      Nina looking mildly frightened...
     Chris looking a bit like a demon...
     There are more than five different caverns in this area of Virginia, we

          chose the Luray Caverns based on Chris' childhood memories.

      They called this the "fish market."
     Believe it or not... the bottom half of this picture is a lake!!!
    Here's a zoomed out version, so you can see the edge of the lake.
      One of the best pictures!!
    They called this one the "udder."
    Yet more rocks and stuff.
     Chris looking very small next to the awesome power of nature!
                                   "Mini Chris"
      They called these "drapes," some of which get as thin as an 1/8 of an


     The winning photo!!!!!!
       Or maybe this one?
        The phantom ghost....
    Aw... isn't she cute!?
     The Taj Mahal....
   The quadruple scoop ice cream cone.
                           The Great Stalacpipe Organ


 The stalactite pipe organ is wired to several stalactites and creates beautiful

      music by tapping the stalactites.

   The Luray Caverns covers more than three acres.

Just a few shots from outside the lodge we were staying in.

      A view from the Big Meadows Lodge in the Shenandoah National Park.
    The humidity was so thick that you couldn't really see that much!!

    The lodge was "rustic" with no air conditioning or TVs.
    Aw... look at the cute couple!!