July 9th, 2005

We stopped in Grand Marais, Minnesota for about two and a half hours.

      The harbor of Grand Marais, a very, very quaint town.
          The lighthouse in Grand Marais.
    We walked along a lovely path out to the lighthouse.
                              The water is SOOOOOOOO clear.
                  Grand Marais is one of the most scenic towns we visited.


                  Plus, we happened to arrive in the middle of a local art fair.

                 Nina posing in front of Lake Superior.
             Wonderful little tidal pools.
                   A close-up of the lighthouse.
                     A loon up close!!
    One of the more modern lighthouses.....
     Chris was thrilled to find a Swedish pizza restaurant (what are the odds...

                  his two favorite things in one place....).

Our next stop was the Split Rock lighthouse.

         This was a truly breathtaking lighthouse perched precariously on a cliff.
                  A view of the cliffs surrounding the lighthouse.
              We drove along terrain like this from Thunder Bay to Duluth!!
                          Aren't we cute?
                     An up close view of the lighthouse.
    The lighthouse and the lighthouse museum.
     Ahhhhhhhhhh........ breathtaking...............
    Nina in front of her favorite East Coast tourist attraction... lighthouses!!!!

Gooseberry Falls was just a few miles down the road.

    The Gooseberry Falls was simply one waterfall after another.....

                           the upper, middle and lower falls.

                                  The falls had plenty of room for cooling off!

Two Harbors was also having an art fair and therefore a madhouse but we stopped for a few minutes anyway.

    This is a gargantuan iron ore dock where they would load boats full of ore

      and send them off to smelting plants.

     The Two Harbors lighthouse.
     A historic old tugboat in front of the iron ore docks.

And finally to Duluth.

     The Duluth lighthouses side by side.
                  The Duluth drawbridge.
                        A traditional black and white lighthouse.
                   The "house" style lighthouse.
          The water front of Duluth. We walked along the ENTIRE water front 

       in search of an old Viking ship, which when we finally found it, was

                                         covered for renovation.

                  We went for a romantic horse drawn carriage ride

                            along the water front.

                   That's one BIG horse!!!
                    Surprisingly, Duluth is a bit like San Francisco....

                                      the streets go straight up and down....

       For a large city, Duluth is very beautiful.
                          Very nice................
      The front end of our once shiny new car saw some SERIOUS BUGS!!!!