July 7th, 2005

We took a two hour car ferry ride from Tobermory to Manitaulin island.

     The "mouth" of the Chi-Cheemaun car ferry.
        Nina on the ferry with the Big Tub lighthouse in the background.
     We managed to get some really nice photos of the Cove Island

                    Lighthouse from the ferry.

     Straight out of a lighthouse calendar....
        Simply beautiful...

Some sights on Manatoulin island.

    The following are pictures from our drive across Manatoulin Island.
                       A lovely old church.
                    Looks like this church has weathered a few storms.
                  A lovely river on the island.


The Old Stone House at Sault St. Marie.

    This historic house in Sault (pronounced "Soo") St. Marie called the

                 Old Stone House was right across the street from our hotel

                          (the worst hotel of the entire trip by a landslide).

     A variety of governors, postmasters and business entrepreneurs lived in

        this house. The house was used as a central community meeting center.

    An old smoke house and carriage house.
                          This one has it's own label.
   This was the "winter" kitchen, the "summer" kitchen was separate from the

                 house so that the house didn't get too hot in summer

                                  and was also safe from fire.


       The backside of the summer kitchen, where girls dressed in colonial

             garb were cooking corn bread in the original dutch oven.

We walked a good distance along the boardwalk in Sault St. Marie.

             Nina posing during our haborside walk.
     Nina is also obsessed with Canadian geese!!!!
      This is one of roughly 15 geese photos that didn't get deleted!!!!

The locks connecting lakes Huron and Superior.

              The Lake Huron side of the "Soo" locks.  Lake Huron sits several

     meters lower than Lake Superior and there are very dangerous rapids

              between the two.  The locks make the voyage safe and easy.

    The water in between the locks was at the Lake Superior level.
    Another view from the Lake Huron side.  We were able to walk right

      across the locks themselves.

   The locks from the Lake Superior side.
   One of the many old houses near the locks.
    The director of the canal system's house.... not bad!!!!
                      Nina LOVES this house!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A closeup view of the mechanism that rotates the swing gate in place

       when either one of the locks fails.

   One of the massive swing gates.
    The other swing gate.
   We were lucky enough to see a tour boat go through the locks while we

   were there.

   The lock on the Lake Superior side is opening to allow the boat in.
        The boat is trapped and the water is about to be let out to the Lake

   Huron side.

    The water on the Lake Huron side of the locks gets pretty violent as

      water from between the locks is released.

                         Down they go!!!
      Lower and lower.
    The level of the water in between the locks is now the same as the

         Lake Huron side and it's safe to open the second lock.

     The lock is open and the boat is ready to go.
                      See ya!