July 6th, 2005

After a short drive up to Tobermory, Ontario we spent some time relaxing in the Little Tub harbor.

    In addition to seals, Nina also loves ducks (and took way too many photos...

                                many of which were deleted!!)

         Awwwwww.... look at the "baybay."
    Chris impatiently waiting for lunch at this lovely dockside diner.
   Little Tub Harbor in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.
   The happy couple in front of the Canadian flag and an old tug boat.
    Nina posing with a fisherman and the Great Blue Heron glass bottom boat,

               which we took to tour shipwrecks, lighthouses and islands in

                        the Georgian Bay.

   Nina completely out of her element....

The Great Blue Heron glass bottom boat tour.

     The Georgian Bay.....
    The Big Tub Lighthouse.
    A close up view.....
         Living the good life.... gorgeous houses right on the water.
    The deck of the first sunken ship.
   Now that's pretty spooky.....
   The entire ship so close to shore.
      The rim of sunken ship number two.
    A really awesome photo (if we do say so ourselves).
    Nina smiling for the camera (and surprisingly not seasick...).
   The following are views of small islands in the Georgian Bay.
             And again..... ditto.......
                          This one has kayaks!!!
        More lovely views......
    Ditto..... (but look at the cool rocks in the super clear water!!).
                                  Loons.... we think?
                                     Random rocks....
                             The Flowerpot Island Lighthouse.
      That's one scenic lighthouse!!!!
        The famous Georgian Bay flowerpot rock formations.
                                   Flowerpots One and Two......
                            What looks like a cave.

The Cabot Head lighthouse near Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula.

     We drove out to the Cabot Cove lighthouse and got lost more than once!!

      But it was well worth the drive.....

    The lighthouse keepers kitchen and living room (as restored for the museum).
                   A view of the bay from inside the lighthouse.
                  Chris hanging out at the top of the lighthouse.
                               Ditto.... change name to Nina.
      Chris testing the coldness of the water of the Great Lakes.
                   Something about lighthouses is truly beautiful.....