July 2nd, 2005

We spent the morning at an Amish market getting some flowers and food.

    We went to an Amish market in Mechanicsville, Maryland, where we

             bought flowers, banana bread and corn.

     Nina had never seen Amish people and was truly fascinated and impressed

                      by their culture.

     Au naturel transportation....
     Nina was amazed.... "Wow, they really do look just like the actors in the

                           movie 'Witness'."

      Nina just LOVES flowers.....

Sotterly Plantation was not far from the market so we spent about an hour there.

            Sotterly was a tobacco plantation built in 1717 and originally named

                        Resurrection Manor. The name was changed to Sotterly

                                 in honor of the new owners former home in England.

        Nina peaking through a window.
    Sotterly was a main port of entry in the 1700s with its own customs house.
     The garden is filled with lavender (one of Nina's favorite scents) and

                         TONS of bees!!!!

      Here's an old wishing well.
      Isn't she sweet!?
     The old one room school house.
    The teacher's desk.
    The outside of the tiny and adorable school house.
   The smoke house complete with dried tobacco hanging from the ceiling.
    Chris investigating some rather out dated tools.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Alexis' house for a BBQ and loads of crabs.

        Hmmmmmm tasty! All it needs is some Old Bay.
    Jason, Christopher and Grady really enjoyed destroying crabs with mallets

                    and chasing each other around the house with crab legs!!!

    Aw.... a true Maryland tradition (which thoroughly grossed Nina out!)
     Chris' mom Diana, his sister Jennafer, Sarah and Delight chowin' down

                       on some Maryland blue crabs.

     Get In My Belly!!!!!!

More BBQ pictures are available at Alexis' page.