July 1st, 2005

We spent the morning at Piney Point lighthouse.

  Nina was determined to see as many lighthouses as possible on this trip...

                                 this was the first of many.

         The Piney Point Lighthouse in western St. Mary's County Maryland on

                                   the Potomac River.

     Nina showing off a very strange expression (must be the humidity!!!!)

The afternoon was spent crabbing at Elms Beach.

    Chris... master of the crabs!
   Fight, fight, fight!!!!!
       Nina's very first crabbing experience.


                       Ewwwwwgh..... they really are blue!!!! Gross!!!!

      "I'll catch 'em, but I won't eat 'em!!!"


       With the help of Chris and a local lady, Nina managed to help catch

                                   three crabs, which she refused to eat.