Ultrasound Photos


July 18, 2009


The Discovery of Twins...

During Nina's 5th week of pregnancy, we went to Santa Fe to visit her mother. We ended up in the emergency room in NM when Nina started bleeding. What started as one of our worst days, turned into one of our best days, when the ultrasound showed we are pregnant with twins and the blood was simply due to a small blood clot.

This is twin "A" (who was determined to be a girl at 17 weeks). She had a strong, initial heartbeat of 123 bpm.
The sex of the twins could not be determined until 17 weeks, however, the fact that they are fraternal twins was immediately apparent.
This is twin B (who was determined to be a boy at 17 weeks). He had a strong, initial heartbeat of 121 bpm. Female heartbeats are normally faster than male heartbeats. At the height of development, their heartbeats reached the 170s.
The twins have separate placentas.
Our sweet little peas...

What a happy day this turned out to be!


July 20, 2009


We had a follow up appointment with our doctor upon returning to Colorado, during Nina's 6th week of pregnancy. Here's a picture of our little girl.
Here's our little boy. Looks like he's upside down.
This is one of Nina's favorite early ultrasound photos of the twins side by side.

July 28, 2009


Here's a photo of our baby girl at 8 weeks.
Here's a photo of our baby boy at 8 weeks.
Looks like both twins are upside now.

One advantage of a twins pregnancy is that you get very frequent doctors visits and ultrasounds!


August 18, 2009


Our little girl is getting big.
Our little boy showing off his new limbs.
They're actually starting to look like real babies!

August 24, 2009


Our first appointment with the perinatal specialists for first trimester screening tests at 13 weeks of pregnancy.
Look! Our babies have tiny noses!

September 15, 2009


A check-up with our regular OB at 16 weeks.
Our little girl looks a bit blurry...
Our little girl.
Our little boy.
Wow, our little boy is growing up and getting big...

September 26, 2009


Normally, the sex of a baby is determined at the 20th week ultrasound, but we got impatient and went to a private clinic with high tech ultrasound equipment so that we could find out the sex of our twins at 17 weeks.


It was also the first time we could see our babies' spines.

Twin A is a Girl!!!
Isn't she beautiful!?
The ultrasound tech determined that Twin B is a boy within the first five minutes, but our little girl was being shy and didn't "present herself" for nearly half an hour.
We were on pins and needles waiting to find out if we would be having twins boys or a boy and a girl.
Yep, he's a boy alright! Our little boy had no problem "presenting himself" to the camera!
Our little bundles of joy!

October 19, 2009


These photos were taken at the perinatal specialists during the all important 20th week ultrasound tests. The doctor examined the twin's hearts, brains, spines, organs and limbs. She could even check for a cleft palette. Every test that could be performed in-utero was done and the twins passed with flying colors!

Though a little hard to make out, these are our baby girl's feet.

Here is our little girl's beautiful profile. At this point, the twins are the size of large bananas.
Look at that face, isn't she sweet!?
Here's a close up of our little boy's head.
The exam took over an hour, since both our babies like to move! These little ones are going to keep us very busy.
The doctor would try to perform one test, then have to quickly change to a different test as our babies changed positions. The doctor was literally chasing the twins all around Nina's belly. She continually tapped on Nina's belly or had her flip from side to side in order to get a good view of the constantly moving twins!

November 20, 2009


We had a very successful appointment with the perinatal specialists in Denver.  We were told that there were no signs of pre-term labor and the babies are developing well.  This is our baby girl at almost 25 weeks and she weighed in at one pound six  ounces.
The doctors are pleased that the twins' growth is in close range of each other.  This is our baby boy who weighed in at one pound twelve ounces.  Both of them seemed to be looking right at the "camera" for us.
These are our baby boys precious little feet.


December 18, 2009


We had a very happy appointment with the perinatal specialists in Denver where we learned that the twins are growing on target with singleton babies! The girl is 2 pounds 10 ounces and the boy is a whopping 2 pounds 15 ounces.


Here's a photo of our baby girl's spine.

The babies have lots of amniotic fluid, Nina's cervix is still thick and there are still no signs of pre-term labor or need for bed rest. Yippee!


Here's a photo of our baby boy's tummy. Both babies were facing toward Nina's spine and away from the camera.


January 22, 2010


A true miracle has happened... at nearly 34 weeks (a time when the twins were thought to be too big to change positions), our little boy managed to turn himself completely around and is now head down!  Five days after it was decided that Nina would be having a scheduled c-section due to our breach boy in the second position, both our little girl and boy have their heads down, so all bets are off. Their little heads look so cute snuggling side by side.
Our baby girl's first smile was captured on 3D ultrasound (even though she tried her best to hide behind her tiny hand).
A close up of our baby girl's sweet face.
The baby girl blinked and opened her eyes wide several times!
Our little girl did her best to hide behind her arm, meanwhile her brother was completely camera shy and facing his mommy's back.
At 33 weeks and 4 days, our boy weighed in at 5 pounds and our girl weighs 4 pounds 11 ounces. Our little girl likes to wave!
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