San Diego - October 23, 2009


After our first insanely expensive meal at the hotel, we opted to have all our meals in town. Coronado Island seems to love the 50s dinner concept. We had breakfast at two different dinners on Orange Avenue, the main drag through town.


Clayton's Coffee Shop was our favorite dinner and we ate breakfast there twice.

The San Diego area was first settled by Spaniards and their influence can be seen today in the lovely architecture of the stucco and terra cotta tile buildings and colorful tile fountains.

For our first morning on Coronado Island, we rented a surrey bike. It was sort of a golf cart or go cart powered by two bicycles.

We took a tour around the edge of the island on the water, then through the center of town past charming Victorians, Queen Anns, Bungalows and Spanish style beach homes. This is a photo of the bridge from Coronado Island to San Diego.

Coronado Bay with the San Diego skyline in the background.

The charming Centennial Park alongside the bay.

The downtown San Diego skyline from across the Coronado Bay.


On our last afternoon in California, we took the ferry from San Diego back to Coronado Island. The crossing took less than half an hour.

The charming Coronado Ferry Landing has lots of restaurants and shops, including a really cute children's store.

A giant Naval ship glides through the bay. Both San Diego and Coronado Island have Navy and Marine bases. The Navy Seals train in the waters off the coast of Coronado Island.

During our bike ride through the town of Coronado, Nina was determined to get a photo representation of each different style of beach house. She calls this one Nantucket style.

Chris liked this ultra modern beach front home with a panel of round windows.

This Queen Ann revival home is nicknamed the “Baby Del.” The home built in 1887, was originally located in San Diego and was moved by barge to Coronado Island in 1985.

Nina thinks this house looks like a Swiss chalet.

This impressive mansion is a good example of the many Spanish style homes on the island.

We took a variety of official belly photos to capture the moment...


While strolling down Orange Avenue, the main strip in Coronado, Chris' keen eye spotted a poster for the “Zombie Prom,” a local performing arts high school play.

Being so close to Halloween, we decided to check out the local high school theater. It was pretty good!

Two-thirds of the way through the first act, the fire alarms went off in the auditorium. The actors on stage didn't react and very few audience members got up, so we thought it was part of the show, until the director went on stage and told us to evacuate. Everyone was standing on the sidewalk wondering what to do, when the fire engine arrived. The fire station is literally catty-corner to the school. The fire fighters drove a few yards, checked out the school for all of five minutes, then the show went on!

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