Nursery and Playroom


The Pack N' Play is a highly recommended item in all of our raising twins books. The Pack N' Play, which has a play pen, bassinette and changing table, will live on the main floor of our house and will provide a second "nursery/holding station."




When the twins are older, they will be separated into their own rooms, but for now, all the worldly advice on twins recommends keeping them together for the first several months. So we have created a nursery (dedicated to sleeping and quiet time) and a playroom (for having fun). 
We have decorated the playroom with a jungle theme. Amazingly, we had already painted the playroom lime green and applied jungle wall paper cut outs along the ceiling, when Nina's friend Emily gave us a box full of jungle themed decor as well as several boxes of her girls' hand me down clothes. We made out like bandits!
In the two months between the creation of our baby registry and our baby shower, both the natural stained furniture line and the sweet pea themed decor line (which we painstakingly picked out) went on clearance. We had to scramble to pull together some semblance of matching furniture and decor. We had no choice but to blend together natural and white stained furniture. We think it turned out pretty well in the end.
Nina and her friend Lena had a great time thrift shopping for toys and books during Nina's second trimester. Nina filled up the bathtub with bleach and spent an entire afternoon sterilizing toys and soft books. Notice the giant diaper bag (the number one rated diaper bag of twins parents).
The twins have been blessed with several home made, heartwarming quilts. This is one of the two ABC quilts created by a local artist in Maryland and given to us by Chris' sister Jennafer.
In October, we found out the sex of the twins early so that we could take full advantage of the giant Boulder County Parents of Twins and Multiples garage sale. Thanks to the donation of girl clothes from Nina's friend Emily, we were able to focus on clothes for the boy, more toys and this awesome entertainment mat.
According to our stack of twins parenting books, parents of twins can never have too many bouncy chairs (affectionately known as the ultimate twins holding stations). These books recommend having at least one bouncy chair on every floor and every room of the house!
As a former preschool and elementary school teacher, Nina has amassed quiet the collection of children's books. Chris' sister Jennafer also supplied us with a huge variety of Dr. Seuss and Disney books. Our kids are going to love books!
Little did Chris know that Nina started hording irresistible baby stuff from the Target dollar bin several years ago and hid them in the guest bedroom closet, including this jungle themed hanger and the jungle themed dresser knobs. There's also a giant stockpile of kids plastic plate ware from the dollar bin in the basement.




Long before we managed to get pregnant or learned that we would be having boy and girl twins, we decided to paint the nursery a neutral pale yellow.
We received the cribs in our desired natural wood finish but by the time we got around to ordering the changing table, it was discontinued in natural. We had to get the white, which worked out okay since it goes with the daybed and rocking chair. Being a new mommy, Nina covered the nursery closet door with CPR and first aid flyers, sleeping and calming tips, breastfeeding instructions and developmental charts.
Nina spent quite a while working on these hand painted letters spelling out the twins' names.
Each letter has a lot going on...several different types of plants and animals are represented and fun stripes and polka dots abound.
For the first several months, the twins will sleep side by side in the same crib. Once they begin to raise their heads and pull up, they will be separated into two cribs. Then, once they start to wake each other up, they will be moved into their own rooms.
The flowered quilt on the wall is Nina's baby quilt, made for her by her grandmother Mary Beth.
Nina fell completely in love with a sweet pea themed decor line, but managed only to get this window valance before the entire line disappeared. She managed to find a similar style bunny lamp and mobile on ebay and had fun decorating the walls with her own watercolor paintings. According to the twins books, a swing is another must have item.
This day bed is sure to come in handy for late night nursing. Plus, the day bed allows Nina to display her beloved Great Aunt Doris' quilt. On the pillow, is a birth announcement that Nina cross stitched while she was pregnant. There are also two pigs which Nina and her friend Lena painted for the babies.
Nina's mother Mary Gray assembled this quilt from many fabric pieces donated by our friends and family. Nina really, really likes hand made quilts!
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