Our Babies' Birth


Tuesday, February 16th, 2010


Our twins arrived unexpectedly on Tuesday, February 16th 2010.
A routine c-section had been scheduled for Monday, February 22nd, but during a check-up with our OB it was discovered that Nina was showing early signs of preeclampsia.
Nina's left foot was only slightly swollen and there was a small amount of protein in her urine.  Her normally low blood pressure shot up significantly.
Our OB appointment was at 11:00 AM.  By 1:00 PM we were at the hospital and by 5:30 PM Nina was in surgery.
Our little girl, Malin Eloise, was born at 5:54 PM.
She weighed five pounds eight ounces and was 19.5 inches long.
She was healthy and happy.
Nina has her first snuggle with Malin.
Soren arrived one minute after his sister at 5:55 PM.
He weighed six pounds five ounces and measured 20 inches long.
Soren was a little too eager to enter the world...he let out a huge scream upon his arrival.  Unfortunately, his slightly premature lungs couldn't handle his enthusiasm and he developed a small hole in his lung that was leaking oxygen.  He was in the neo-natal intensive care unit on oxygen support for about 12 hours.
Malin after being cleaned off and in the process of getting measured and weighed.
For the first several hours of his life, Soren had to wear this oxygen mask to help him breath.
Poor little peanut.
Malin makes her first attempt at breastfeeding.
Daddy holding his little girl.
Mommy and Daddy proudly show off their baby girl.
Nina gives Malin her first bottle.
Mommy and daughter take a break from a very eventful day.
After four hours with the oxygen mask on, Soren was upgraded to this hood.  He was improving rapidly.
Soren looks like he was on the losing end of a battle royale.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010


Malin regularly falls asleep during breastfeeding attempts.
Malin visits her brother in the NICU.
Soren doing his best Zoolander impersonation.  We don't know if he was going for Le Tigre or Blue Steel.
Mommy has her first visit with Soren in the NICU.
She missed him very much while he was recovering.
She was very happy to see that her little boy was making a speedy recovery.
Nina gazes upon her beautiful little girl.
One of our favorite preemie outfits for Malin due to the adorable bunny feet.
Grandma Mary Gray visits her grandchildren in the NICU.
She was eager to spend time with Soren and was very worried about him being alone in the nursery.
Nina's father, John, came to visit Soren in the NICU as well.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Malin takes a nap in her adorable giraffe hat, painted by the NICU staff.  Both Malin and Soren received giraffe hats.  Malin's giraffe has a pink bow and Soren's has a blue bow.  The hats are Nina's favorite memento from the big day.
Nina focused on her motherly task.
We don't know if the twins look more like Chris or Nina but they definitely look like each other because we honestly don't know which baby this is.
We're pretty sure it's Malin due to her tiny little head.
Soren gazes intently at his Mommy.
Daddy does an excellent job at burping.
He had to teach everybody else how to do it right because he's not afraid to put some muscle behind his pats.
Nina gives Soren a burp.
Soren, trying to eat his washcloth.   What can we say, the boy likes to eat.
Daddy gives Malin some formula.
Mommy and Daddy side by side, hard at work, taking care of their beautiful twins.
The twins finally get a good look at each other.  Soren does not look impressed.
In the last days of Nina's pregnancy, Soren turned head down and attempted to push Malin out of the way.  He was on a mission to become "baby A" and be the first born but Malin wasn't having it.
Our wonderful OB, Dr. Loralie Moeller, spends some time with the twins.
She did a great job bringing our twins safely into the world for which we can't thank her enough.
The twins have their first snuggle together in Grandma's lap.
The twins show off their matching giraffe hats.

Friday, February 19th, 2010


Nina enjoys a snuggle with both of her precious babies.

Saturday, February 21st, 2010


Soren took to the pacifier right away.  He loves to suck.
Soren doing his impression of Rodin's sculpture of The Thinker.
Nina and the twins get a visit from Nina's beloved acupuncturist, Deborah.  She helped Nina stay calm and relaxed during the pregnancy.
In addition to Deborah, we also got visits from our friends Ashley & Sterling, and Nina's friend Lena...sadly, we forgot to take pictures of them.
This is the winning photo we chose for the twins official birth announcement.  The twins birthdate of February 16th, happens to be the same as their great-great-grandmother, Ladye Zilpha.
Malin cracking a little smile in her sleep.


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