Nina's Growing Belly


August 31, 2009


Nina was just barely beginning to show at this point.
At only three months there was a little bulge beginning to show.
Nina worried if people thought she was just overweight instead of pregnant.
Nina was measuring in at just under 38 inches at three months.

October 4, 2009


Nina looks slightly more rotund by the fourth month.
Her belly is definitely sticking out further now.  Those that know her would have no doubts about her being pregnant.
Nina lived in these yoga pants for months.
Over two inches of growth in one month...impressive.

October 31, 2009


Nina's definitely starting to be front heavy.
Nina noticed an odd side effect of pregnancy in that the moles and freckles on her tummy have darkened.
She's getting quite round and she's starting to feel the side effects of sore knees and back, as well as, acid reflux and vivid dreams.
Two more inches of growth in less than a month.

November 21, 2009


Nina already looks bloated a week before Thanksgiving, without any turkey or pumpkin pie.
Chris has to help Nina put on her shoes and socks now as "this" keeps getting in the way.  When alone, she must resort to clogs.
Nina calls this her "happy preggers shirt".  Being pregnant in winter can be depressing and this flowery shirt keeps her happy.
A whopping 43.5 inches.  That's almost two inches of belly growth in about three weeks.


December 20, 2009


Nina at almost seven months of pregnancy with twins has a substantial Buddha belly.
At a recent appointment, our baby girl weighed in at 2 pounds 10 ounces and our baby boy weighed in at a whopping 2 pounds 15 ounces.  That's almost six pounds of baby in that belly.
The babies are kicking up a storm and stage regular battles with Nina's insides.
Nina is beginning to move from an "innie" to an "outtie".  Gross!
Two and a half inches of growth in one month!  That's a serious growth spurt.


January 17, 2010


At 33 weeks pregnant with twins, Nina looks like she is full term and ready to go into labor at any minute (she feels like it too!).
Nina's routine has slowed to a crawl... she spends her days eating, sleeping, reading baby books, watching too much t.v., doing pre-natal water aerobics and going to acupuncture and several doctor's appointments each week. Much more than that and she gets completely overwhelmed and exhausted (but at least she hasn't been put on official bed rest).
Nina's belly button sticks completely out now and the area around the belly button has turned blue!
The standard protocol with twins is to begin weekly non-stress tests at 32 weeks. During these hospital visits, Nina's belly is linked to monitors and nurses track the number of contractions and baby kicks. The hope is that the baby's heartbeats do not decrease during contractions or movement. It's getting serious now... the average for twins births is 35 weeks and 37 weeks is full term.
Starting around 30 weeks, Nina began to look and feel a lot more pregnant. She suddenly became extremely tired, very emotional, easily overwhelmed, regularly nauseous and frequently dizzy. It is becoming more and more difficult for Nina to simply breathe and she has become a driving hazard (often forgetting where she's going).
Nina has now gained roughly 46 pounds!! Luckily, it seems to all be in her belly. Her hands have become slightly swollen but her ankles are clearly visible. Not that this provides much comfort to her...


January 24, 2010


At our last OB appointment our doctor decided on tentatively scheduling a caesarian section for February 22nd.  This decision was based on the fact that while our baby girl is head down, the larger size and breach position of our baby boy could end up requiring emergency surgery if things didn't go well.
However, only four days later at a perinatal specialist appointment, we discovered that our baby boy had completely turned around and is now head down as well.  All bets are off now!
As Nina nears the end of her 34th week, our baby boy weighs in at five pounds and our baby girl is four pounds, 11 ounces.
Nina has now gained nearly 50 pounds over the last eight months.  To her horror, she is only four ounces shy of breaking 200 pounds.
Chris has dubbed Nina, "Jumbo Mutumbo", which she mildly tolerates.
Granted, this measurement was taken after a delicious and large Mexican dinner, Nina has gained another inch of circumference in the last week!


February 7, 2010


As Nina strove to complete her 36th week of pregnancy, we were put on full baby-watch alert.
After her most recent cervical exam, Nina began to show signs of impending labor.  However, our concerns about the possibility of labor were put to rest by the 5-1-1 rule.  Based on this rule, true labor begins when contractions happen every five minutes, last a full minute and continue for a solid hour.  Nina's contractions have yet to meet these criteria but we're on standby for now.
Nina is now topping the scales at 204 pounds.  That's a weight gain of 54 pounds.
One more week and the twins will be full term and could possibly reach a healthy six pounds each.
Somehow, Nina's belly has stretched an inch and a half in two weeks even though her weight gain has slowed.


February 15, 2010


It's official...the twins are full term at 37 weeks.
Today is exactly one week away from our scheduled c-section (assuming Nina doesn't go into labor any earlier).  She's had strong contractions but nothing consistent.
The twins growth rate is supposedly slowing down but to Nina's dismay, she is still gaining weight. 

At 32 weeks, the doctors claimed that the twins would no longer be able to change positions due to their size.  However, our little boy turned head down at 34 weeks, transverse at 35 weeks, and head down again at 36 weeks.  Additionally, at 36 weeks, he pushed his sister out the way to place himself in the "presenting" position and is now "Baby A".

While the circumference of Nina's belly has not changed in the last week, she's now weighing in at 208 pounds.  That's a 58 pound gain since June 1st.
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