Baby Shower


Friday, December 11th, 2009

The night before the shower, Nina's sisters Bethany and Juliette and our dear friend Eliza (who happens to be the twin sister of Bethany's boyfriend Zach) gathered around Nina's belly while she lay on the couch.

Everyone was determined to feel at least one good kick.

It took some time and a lot of patience, but eventually, everyone felt a kick from the babies.

Auntie Boo feels a kick!

Now that's some serious belly action.

Nina looking just like a beached, white, beluga whale.

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Nina's friend Lisa, who used to live down the street from Nina but now lives in her home state of Minnesota, flew back to Colorado to host the baby shower.

The shower featured a two peas in a pod, twins theme with both pink and blue decorations and “it's a boy” and “it's a girl” decorations.

Nina even managed to find pea pod balloons!

Bethany served as the official bartender and made mimosas for everyone except the Mommy To Be, who got only sparkling apple juice.

Nina's friend Lena brought the carrot cake.


Lisa and Lena did the party decorations and preparations Friday night, while Nina watched from the couch.


The shower featured an English Tea Room theme with towers of mini spanikopita, quiches, mushroom turnovers, scones, muffins and fruit.

Nina spent three hours making cup cakes with delicate swirls of green frosting and decorated with baby themed candy hearts. Unfortunately, she left the cup cakes on the kitchen counter and the frosting melted in the sun.


The cupcakes looked like they were covered in the green slime used in Nickelodeon kids shows.

Nina met Lisa at a dog park and Lisa later introduced Nina to Lena. Now they are all best buddies.

Lisa and Lena enjoyed taking a few head shots of themselves.

Nina looks deeply intrigued by what her new arrival Karen, a fellow teacher, has to say.

Nina wore the world's largest corsage consisting of two baby rattles inside of a giant pea pod.

All of the shower guests wore felt pea pod pins and at the end of the party they removed the peas to determine who had the winning card.


Nina's former college roommate and maid of honor, Emily, from Fort Worth, Texas, gets to know Nina's local friends Ashley and Kitty.

The party began with a guessing game where people had to guess the name written on their backs. All of the names were of famous twins or childhood celebrities including the Jonas Brothers, Ashton Kutcher and Gary Coleman. Next, Nina left the room while each guest wrote a funny caption on a photo of Nina supplied by Chris. Several comments were made about Nina's “other twins,” her rather large breasts (and that's even before getting pregnant!).

Next, we played the Guess What's in the Diaper Bag game using Nina's gigantic twins diaper bag, which Chris' college friend Lea sent to Nina before the shower. Item one: a Christmas ornament from Lisa (not exactly a typical diaper bag item!).

Nina checks out some mini books and a CD of stories supplied by Lisa.

Nina and her friend Becca check out the eye glasses case that Lena hand decorated and sells in a local shop.

With over 20 guests, several people had to sit on the floor, but Nina got the couch all to herself!

Karen, Jessie, Lindsay, Juliette, Kris, Emily and Kelsey filled one corner of the room. Juliette brought her “posse” of friends from her college days at Denver University. Karen is a friend of Nina's from her teaching days. Karen taught fifth grade and Nina helped her with literacy.

The shower guests had so much fun talking that there was no time left to play the Guess the Baby Food game.


Nina digs into some carrot cake before tackling her many, generous gifts.

Ashley and Kitty enjoying some cake.

Nina got some serious “baby” loot.

Check out the elaborately decorated gift bag from Lena.... too pretty to open!

Nina receives a penguin onesie from who other than Auntie Boo.

Nina prepares to open one of many gifts from Chris' uncle Jim and wife Linda, this one was pre-loaded with hugs and love.


Nina is happy to receive an adorable stuffed dog and bunny with three blankets each. So cute!!!


Nina was thrilled to receive a baby blessing and home blessing book from Chris' uncle Jim and wife Linda.

Jim and Linda even sent gifts for the “older siblings,” our dogs Jane and Otis.


The dogs received gourmet dog bones in blueberry and peanut butter flavors

Jim and Linda also supplied a family of rubber duckies.

Last but not least, Jim and Linda gave us a “boo roo,” a stuffed kangaroo wrapped around an ice pack for all of the twins future boo boos.

Ashley, Kitty, Eliza and Diana sit around the mountain of presents. Ashley made the wonderful diaper cake.
Nina opens up gifts of little boy onesies from Aunt Juliette and Grandma Mary Gray. Thanks to Emily, our little girl has a ton of hand me down clothes from her daughters Juliet and Lucinda.

Nina and Aunt Jennafer check out the new bouncer chair from Karen. The bouncer chair is a real necessity with twins, you can never have too many “holding stations.”
Nina and Jennafer pose for a photo with the My Aunt Rocks bibs supplied by Auntie Jennafer.

Aunt Jennafer gave the baby girl a gift of hair ties, clips and bows, whereupon, Nina explains she only had peach fuzz for months.

Jennafer also gave us a bottle cleaning brush and bottle cleaning dishwasher tray.

Nina loved the hand made finger puppets Jennafer found at an arts and crafts fair! And had fun playing with them...


The hand made ABC quilts that Jennafer purchased from an elderly artist in Maryland were a real hit. The boy's quilt features local Maryland icons like crabs and lighthouses.

The gifts from Nina's beloved acupuncturist and friend Deborah were too precious to open! But the super fuzzy blankets inside were irresistible.

Nina reads Lena's card and gets ready to open her spectacular gift bag filled with funny toys.

Most of the party guests, including (starting in the back row) Kelsey, Krista, Lindsay, Emily, Juliette, Kris, Emily, Deborah, Karen, Bethany, Jessie, Eliza, Nina and baby Evan. We soon realized that Chris' mother and sister were in the kitchen with the party host Lisa and had to take a second photo.

This time, the photo includes Kelsey, Krista, Lindsay, Emily, Juliette, Kris, Emily, Deborah, Karen, Bethany, Jessie, Eliza, Nina, Lisa, Jennafer and Diana. Sadly, baby Evan and his mom Becca didn't fit.

Yippee, Becca and baby Evan managed to squeeze into this final shot.

Nina's friend Becca, who she met at pre-natal water aerobics, brought her three week old son, Evan Julian, to the party. He was a big hit!

Juliette prepares for aunthood.

Auntie Boo is a natural.

Lisa holding the tiny newborn Evan.

Lena got to snuggle darling Evan Julian too.

Nina and her sister Juliette pose for a charming photo.

Future Aunt Jennafer smiles for the camera.

Nina and her sisters are so happy to be together.

Lindsay and Juliette take a darling photo together.

Future Aunties Bethany and Juliette look so sweet.

Juliette's pose of college friends Emily, Jessie, Kelsey and Kris smile big.

Bethany and Eliza got a hold of the camera and couldn't resist a few humorous shots.


A charming photo of Aunt Juliette.

Krista and Nina decided to have a “battle of the pregnant tummies.”

Krista, who is due on Christmas Day with a boy, won by a landslide!

Krista is one of many future mommies that Nina has met through pre-natal water aerobics and yoga at the local Erie Recreation Center. 

Chris and Nina pose for their Christmas 2009 photo.  During the shower Chris fled to the mall to escape all of the estrogen.   Before he left, Nina gave him his gift of "Father of Twins" boxer shorts.

Saturday night, December 12th, 2009

Saturday night, after the baby shower, Nina, Bethany and Eliza painted baby onesies and later played UNO with Aunt Jennafer.

Nina was hard at work on matching twins themed under shirts.

Twins Rule!!

Several party guests added random heads to this baby onesie including a robot, princess, cat, dinosaur and Nina's personal favorite, an apple with teeth.

Bethany worked on a onesie with the future Aunties' favorite animals... an elephant for Aunt Jennafer (painted by Nina) and a penguin for Aunt Juliette and a dolphin for Aunt Bethany (both painted by Bethany).

Several weeks later, Lena came over and helped Nina decorate these adorable pigs.
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