Photos October 14



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Here we have a pretty decent picture of Sacre Coeur.  This was before I made the final climb up to the top.

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Here is a shot with the stairs in it.  This was the last time I was able to bend my left knee.

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The next two shots are from some sort of lookout point near the base of the steps.   I don't know exactly what I was taking a picture of but this was one of the finer views of Paris.

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The next two shots are of this big thing called the Grande Arche de la Defense.   It is actually a gigantic office building.  Each one of the little indentations on the inside of it is a window.  There is also a museum in the top part.  It was pretty cool.

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This is a picture from the top of the Arche.  The area right at the bottom is called La Defense (I think)'s an industrial park.  The road that is off in the distance is the Champs Elysees.

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Here is another shot of some of the buildings in the industrial park with the Eiffel Tower off in the distance.

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This is a pretty poor picture, but it was the best oen that I could get of these two really cool buildings behind the Arche.

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