Photos October 12



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The Arc de Triumph.  This is what I saw when I came out of the train station.   My hotel is about 3 blocks from here.

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Another picture of Arc de Triumph with a blurry Eiffel Tower in the background.

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The next four images are carvings on the four corners of this thing.

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This is the eternal flame that burns underneath the arc.

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Here is a view of the inside of the arc while standing underneath it.

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This is a close up (sort of) of the inside of the arc.

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This is a picture of the Arc de Triumph from quite a ways down the Champs Elysees.

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After visiting the Arc de Triumph, I started off on a walk down the historic Champs Elysees.  This road is a lot longer than I thought.

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On my way down the Champs, I took a side road and saw this...the Petit Palais.

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Not far beyond the Petit Palais was the Seine River.

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As I crossed the Seine, this is the view I had to my right.

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I walked along the left bank of the Seine for a while...and then I saw this obelisk on the right bank.  I headed over to take a closer look.  I think this one is much cooler than the one in DC because it has lots of hieroglyphs (maybe) carved all over it.

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A close up of the base of the obelisk.

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After staring at the obelisk for a while, I headed through what I think was the Place de la Concorde.  It reminded me a lot of walking down the mall in DC.

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Well, I almost made it through the Place de la Concorde (if that is in fact where I was) when I saw this big green thing to my left and had to go check it out.

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Here's a close up of the green thing.  The carvings on it are amazing.

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I had decided to start heading back towards my hotel at this point because I was getting very tired and hungry.  I don't know what this thing was but I took a picture of it.

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This interesting looking church (St. Augustine) led me to a place right down the street where I eventually had dinner.

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