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These two pictures were taken from the top of the Arc de Triumph.  I don't know what they're of...just Paris I guess.

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As requested, here is a picture of me.  I hope you're happy now Kevin.   Sorry, no beautiful French women in the picture yet.

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Here is a picture of the Champs Elysees from the Arc de Triumph.

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It is very blurry and very far away but you can see Sacre Coeur off in the distance.

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Here is a not so great picture I took as I was approaching the Eiffel Tower.  The thing that says J-445 on the front is counting down to the year 2000.

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A picture of Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower.  Not much different than from the top of the Arc de cost a little bit more.

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The Trocaderro from the Eiffel Tower.  I probably spelled it wrong but my feet are too tired to walk over and pick up my map.

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The Seine from....well I think you all know where this picture was taken from.

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Notre Dame cathedral.  They have some kind of plastic covering the front of it because they are doing construction on it.  Before you walk in there are some very cool catacombs that you can tour but not take any pictures of.  There were building foundations from as early as the 5th century.

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One of the smaller stained glass windows within the cathedral.

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One of the larger windows at Notre Dame.  The lighting was very low in here so the rest of the building didn't come out too well.  This window is probably larger than 3 of my houses stacked on top of each other.

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One of the statues within Notre Dame.

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Some carvings along the wall.

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The alter.

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The rear of Notre Dame.  I personally found this to be more architecturally interesting than the front.

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The inside of the lower level of the Sainte Chapelle church.  I had to pass armed guards and go through a metal detector to get into this place.

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A statue inside Saint Chapelle.

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The inside of the upper level of the Sainte Chapelle church.

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A close-up, of sorts, of the main stained glass window in the upper level.

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The main chamber of the Conciergerie.  This is the place where kings used to have spies and assassins who failed in their duties held prisoner and executed.  It was later the place where revolutionaries had government officials held prisoner and executed.

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A close up of one of the supports.

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A piece of a marble table that very high-ranking officials used to eat at.

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Pont Neuf.  The oldest bridge across the Seine.

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I don't know what this place is but it's across from the Louvre.

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One wing of the Louvre.  I didn't go inside because it would take to long to see very much and my feet, knees, and hips were killing me from walking all day.

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Some part of the Louvre that I thought looked kind of neat.

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Another one for Kevin.  Me in front of the Louvre.

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The pyramids in front of the Louvre.

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I know that this thing has an official name but I just call it the mini-Arch.

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