Day Four: The Havsvidden hotel and the trip back to Stockholm


The incredible views from the pool house at the Havsvidden Hotel.

We had an official Swedish sauna the morning after the wedding. Nina could only take it 10 minutes... she's a beginner.  Chris made it about 25 minutes.

An historic, old cabin on the property of the hotel.

The quiet swimming cove at Havsvidden Hotel...must be nice in summer!

The rock barrier makes the water in the swimming area completely calm.

A view of one of the hotel cabins. Each cabin had about 8-10 rooms and wonderful views of the Baltic Sea.

Nina taking a break to contemplate life out on the rocks.

Chris strikes a pose in front of the water.

Nina takes a walk along the rocks.

The backside of the main entrance, lobby and restaurant of the hotel.

We discovered that the 7-11 stores in Stockholm are incredible; not like in the U.S. They have fresh produce and pastries. We had breakfast at 7-11 nearly every morning, which is where we discovered the Maryland brand chocolate chip, hazelnut cookies. Incidentally, Maryland cookies are made in Great Britain.

The day after the wedding ceremony we enjoyed a wonderful buffet breakfast of eggs, bacon, ham, crepes, yogurt, granola, fruit, cheese, bread and much more. It was delicious!

Greg, Johannes, Daniel and Markus enjoying the breakfast buffet.

Chris and Nina pose for photos on the balcony of the Havsvidden Hotel.

Chris and Nina pose for photos on the balcony of the Havsvidden Hotel.

Markus, Johannes and Chris enjoy some Swedish meatballs and coffee on the ferry ride back to Grisslehamn.