Atlantis Submarine Tour, Lahaina, Maui


We went on the Atlantis Submarine Tour in Lahaina.
We saw a lot of fish, but found that we saw more fish and had more fun simply snorkeling!
We saw larger schools of fish from the submarine.
The submarine dove to 130 feet below the ocean surface.
It was a bit frustrating, because something interesting always appeared to be on the "other side" of the submarine.... including a giant sting ray!
We took photos through 3 1/2 inches of plexi-glass!
A roughly 150-year-old anchor from a whaling ship (you can tell how old it is from the amount of coral on it).
Atlantis created a replica of the 19th century supply vessel, the Carthaginian.
Since we were the last sub tour of the day, instead of shuttling us directly back to the Lahaina Harbor, they took us on a short whale watching excursion. Chris saw a full breech and Nina saw the backs of some baby whales and took this whale tail photo.
Here's the blurry close-up shot of the whale tail!