The Road to Hana, Maui


Our first stop on the winding road to Hana was the Twin Falls.
Nina hiked across a river to get to the basin of the Twin Falls. There is a very cool cave that wraps around the pool.
The guidebook said the waterfall wasn't much to see, but we both really enjoyed the hike to the falls. "It's not the final destination, but the trip along the way..."
Around the corner from the Twin Falls is a second equally impressive waterfall.
One of many, many fruit stands along the road to Hana.
The road to Hana was windy and dangerous and involved at least 50 one-way ancient bridges. The only thing going for it was it was nicely paved! We drove an average of 15-20 miles per hour in a line of tourists all driving Mustang convertibles!
A view of a black sand beach along the road to Hana.
Just breathtaking!
One look at this photo, and it's needless to say that Nina got very car sick!
A view from one of the many, many scenic overlooks along the road to Hana.
An interesting finger of a peninsula...
Simply gorgeous!

We took a quick stroll along the Waikamoi Nature Trail and stopped at the Arboretum a little further down the highway.

These bright orange flowers grow on huge trees and the petals can be found all over the ground.
We saw a lot of these red feather duster style plants.

This might be the Waikani Falls, but there are so many waterfalls in Hawaii, it's hard to keep them straight.

There's a saying: If you've seen one church in Europe, you've seen them all. Well, the same could be said for Hawaii when it comes to waterfalls. Each one is unique and beautiful, but there are so many it's overwhelming!
Chris drinks coconut milk directly from the coconut for the first time. We bought the coconut from a very "high," over-the-hill, hippie, wielding a machete and absolutely delicious coconut candy from his hippie wife.
The black sand and stunning cliffs at Wai’anapanapa State Park just outside the town of Hana made it a favorite for both of us!
Nina collected souvenir black pebbles...
We enjoyed a lovely picnic on this black sand beach.
Nina went for a walk and discovered an ancient cemetery. People were buried under rectangle mounds of black lava rock.
A bird's eye view of Wai’anapanapa Beach.
The black cliffs along the beach were incredible!!
The lava created some very strange rock formations.
There are many hidden caves amongst these rocks.
The town of Hana.
There's a lovely legend about this island. Two local boys were getting ready to leave home to fight in WWII, when they decided to swim out to this island with coconuts. They planted the coconuts on the island so that if they did not return home their parents could look out to the island and see the coconut trees. Luckily both of the boys returned home safely and there are now five coconut trees on the island.