A Drive Along Maunalua Bay, Hanauma Bay, Koko Head Pennisula and the Kaili Channel


Cliffs along our drive East on Kalaniana弛le Highway.
Kalaniana弛le Highway wraps around the eastern tip of Oahu right along the ocean.

People scaled cliffs to get to this tiny beach amongst the rocks near the Halona Blowhole at the Koko Head Peninsula.

Beautiful black cliffs and turquoise water.
A view of Sandy Beach Park.

A view of Makapu置 Point.

Chris stops to get his photo taken along the trail to the Makapu置 Point Lighthouse.
A close-up view from Makapu置 Point.
One of many small islands surrounding the main island chain of Hawaii.
A view from Makapu置 Point of the Koko Head Peninsula. 
Nina poses in front of a view of Koko Head Peninsula.
A view from Makapu置 Point looking toward the town of Kailua.
The Makapu置 Point lighthouse.
A second view of the coastline surrounding the town of Kailua.
The precarious pathway leading to the lighthouse.